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Support Team Educational Plan (STEP)

For students who have a documented need, the STEP Program offers tailored minor adjustments to meet the needs of each individual student.

Minor adjustments can include:
  • Extra time on tests, quizzes, and/or homework
  • Testing in a reduced-distraction setting
  • Oral testing
  • Preferential classroom seating
  • Flexible seating
  • Extended time on final exams in the Academic Learning Center
  • Application assistance & proctoring for extra time on the ACT/College Board exams
  • Use of a calculator on exams
  • Copies of notes or presentations
  • Etc.

The Academic Learning Center also contains a variety of resources to meet student needs both in the ALC and within their individual classes.

Resources available include:
  • Six study carrels that offer a distraction free testing environment
  • Long tables for room to spread out and work
  • Resistance bands, stress balls, and balance discs for students who have challenges with concentration
  • Color overlays for students who struggle with light sensitivity
  • Bean bags for flexible seating

For additional information, questions, or clarification, please contact one of the STEP Coordinators:

Jackie Leonetti
STEP Coordinator
(909) 596-1946 (ext. 801)

Vicki Sinclair
STEP Coordinator
(909) 596-1946 (ext. 650)