Program Overview

Affiliated with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Damien High School promotes the intellectual, physical, and spiritual development of its students through instruction, fellowship, and prayer. Inspired by the exemplary commitment of St. Damien of Molokai, faculty and staff join parents, as primary educators, to prepare our young men for the demands of college and the challenges of adulthood.
The mission of Damien’s International Student Program is three-fold:
  • Share our first-class, college-preparatory high school education globally.
  • Encourage our students in broadening their worldview, exhibiting community and global awareness, and respecting all persons and cultures.
  • Instill the values embodied in the Catholic Church and the charity of St. Damien.
Damien offers 95 University of California/California State University a-g approved college prep courses. Damien boasts one of the most robust Advanced Placement (AP) programs in the nation, currently offering 27 different AP courses. Damien also offers a variety of specialty courses including Computer Game Development, Service Learning Leadership, Introduction to Sports Medicine, Creative Writing, Architectural Design Concepts, Drama, Comparative Religions, and Jazz Band.
Extra-Curricular Activities
Damien has over thirty-three clubs on campus representing academic, service, sports, and special interests. 
House System
In order to have the full Damien experience, international students will be incorporated into Damien’s House System which organizes students into eight separate and unique “Houses.” Students in each House work together on various community service projects, social events, and spiritual activities. House competitions, such as the annual Quiz Bowl, Ultimate Frisbee Tournament, and Battle of the Bands, help to create a positive and exciting spirit on campus throughout the year.
Yale * Princeton * Georgetown * Columbia * Harvard * Stanford * Chicago * Caltech * Notre Dame * Pomona * UC Berkeley * Occidental * Loyola Marymount * UCLA * Brown * University of Southern California * Harvey Mudd * New York University * 
International Student Program Director
Ms. Emily Patten
909-596-1946 x279