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Following in the footsteps of St. Damien, educating our students to be men of service, scholarship and faith…

Damien’s primary mission is to teach as Jesus did.  This mission, according to the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, calls on faculty to integrate in their teaching the fourfold dimensions of Catholic education: message, community, worship, and service. The faith program, through instruction in theology, faculty witness, retreats, and liturgies, promotes the spiritual growth of Damien students. We are proud of our school's long history of living out its faith tradition.

Within the Catholic tradition, students develop recognition of self-worth and the dignity of others. The school family is a caring faith community that nurtures members in an atmosphere of mutual support. This ministry enables the student to become a confident, self-disciplined, and active participant in the life of the world. It empowers our students to take responsibility to become servant-leaders where they learn how to nurture relationships, encourage hope, transform lives and help build a better community. It is our hope that these values will remain a fundamental part of their lives as they make their way into a global society.

By graduation, a Damien Spartan should be knowledgeable of the spiritual richness of the Catholic Faith by studying the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, engaging in Christian service opportunities in the spirit of St. Damien and participating in liturgical celebrations and retreats.

Co-Campus Ministers: Jackie Leonetti:                                                                                                                       Benjamin Zimmermann: 
Theology Department Chair: Mr. Gary Sullivan:
Coordinator of Service Outreach: Mr. Douglas Hoffman: