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Damien High School offers a diverse, healthy and purposeful student life program. Students have an opportunity to explore and learn about their full potential. Students can participate in activities such as sports, clubs, student body government, dances, newspaper, yearbook, student ambassadors and Christian service.


By graduation, a Damien Spartan should be a well-rounded individual by developing a healthy lifestyle, practicing self-discipline; understanding various models of leadership; and being open to opportunities for leadership. A Damien Spartan should exhibit community and global awareness by exploring cultural contributions of diverse societies; recognizing the various social, political and economic forces that shape our world; and understand our responsibility as stewards of the natural environment and its resources.


The student life journey is well-described by an alumnus:


Kaikua Ana

Translation: Brotherhood


Four years. That is all the time a young man has to make the most of his experience here at Damien. This school has a large focus on both academics and athletics… it can be easy to lose sight of what is important. That is why one must step back and understand that some of the friends you will meet during these four years will be brothers that you will be close to for the rest of your life. Brotherhood is something that can be hard to come by in life, which makes Damien such a special place. Through retreats, such as Kairos, and being involved in athletics and clubs, students can grow from friendship into brotherhood. It has been going on at Damien for over 50 years and show no signs of stopping.


God bless all of my fellow Spartan brothers,

Mr. Paul Pridgeon ‘08