Sports Medicine Program

The Damien Sports Medicine program, established in 2009 by Jessica Truax, serves the Damien athletic community by providing on-field medical coverage for all home practices and athletic events while also providing students some insight into the fields of sports medicine and athletic training. Damien High School currently has two certified athletic trainers on staff: Gabrielle White and Rashid Barley.


The sports medicine program consists of two academic classes that are taught by our Assistant Athletic Trainer, Mr. Rashid Barley - Intro to Sports Medicine and Athletic Training. In addition to learning CPR/First Aid and the basics of injury assessment, management, and rehabilitation, students are exposed to several other career paths within the healthcare field.


Students also have the opportunity to join the Sports Medicine Club, which is directed by our Head Athletic Trainer, Gabrielle White. Students in the club assist Miss White with providing on-field sports coverage for all home practices and athletic events. The Sports Medicine Club is open to students from Damien High School, St. Lucy's Priory High School, and Pomona Catholic High School.


Damien High School is also a clinical site for the Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) programs at the University of La Verne, Azusa Pacific University, and Colorado Mesa University. Clinical education experience is designed to provide MSAT students with quality, supervised learning under the AT so that they may develop the entry-level clinical proficiencies and professional behavior required of an athletic trainer.


Gabrielle White, MS, ATC, CPT, CES, Head Athletic Trainer | 909-596-1946 ext. 866 | 

Rashid Barley, MS, ATC, CSCS, Assistant Athletic Trainer | 909-596-1946 ext. 274 | 

Dr. Erik Olsen, MD, Team Physician | PVHMC Family Medicine Physician | 

Dr. Connor LaRose, MD, Team Orthopedic Surgeon | Arrowhead Orthopedics | 909-989-4400

Dr. Steven Bast, MD, Team Orthopedic Surgeon | Garey Orthopedic Medical Group | 909-593-7437