Welcome to my webpage, I have been teaching mathematics at Damien since 2001 and I am also an alumnus of Damien High School, class of 1996, just as many other current faculty members. I live in Fontana, CA with my wife Sarah, two children, Dougie (7 years old) and Stella (6 years old) and three dogs, Lucky, Coco, and Penny. Through the years, I have taught virtually every math class, but I currently teach Differential Equations. I love teaching this age level, especially at this school. I always wanted to make an impact in adolescents lives, so teaching here has been a calling more than a job. I am now a math professor at Chaffey College, but I am very fortunate to still be involved at Damien, even in a limited capacity. I earned my BA in Mathematics from Cal State San Bernardino in 2001, MAT Education from Chapman University in 2004, and Master's in Mathematics in December of 2010 from University of Idaho.
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