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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have paid my registration, now what?

Once you have completed the payment process, your receipt is your confirmation, and you are registered for the class. Official schedules will not be mailed until the week of June 10.

  1. What is the difference between 5-unit course and a 10-unit course?

A 5-unit class is equivalent to 1 semester. If you child is trying to move ahead in a subject and needs a complete year, then you should register for 10 units.

  1. Who will be teaching the course? Will there be more than one section, and do I have a choice?

Course instructors will not be assigned until we know exactly how many students will be in the classes. Because this happens after the registration deadline of June 7, there is currently no way to know what class your son/daughter will be in. In the event there is more than one section of a 5-unit course, you can request a schedule preference via email to the Summer School Coordinator Mrs. Melissa Pasillas at but there are no guarantees. 


  1. My child doesn’t go to Damien, St. Lucy’s, or Pomona Catholic, can they still attend?

Absolutely! Our summer school program is coed and open to any high school student. Please make sure you talk to your school counselor about what classes you should take for credit (Damien is not responsible for enrollment errors of non-Damien students) and correctly list what school you go to on your registration form, so we can send the transcript to the registrar when the class is completed.

  1. Is Course X still available?

If the course can still be selected, then yes the course is open.

  1. Is there any chance Course X will be cancelled?

We will not know final numbers until June 7th. In the event of low enrollment, we will notify you, and you will receive a full refund.

  1. Do students need to wear a uniform?

No. The summer school dress code is casual. You will receive full guidelines with your schedule.

  1. Will I need to purchase books?

No. All textbooks will be included. For incoming 9th grade Damien students, you will need your Chromebook if you are taking Math or Advanced Math Review.

  1. I do not go to Damien, how will my school know I took the course this summer? Do I need to pick up the transcripts?

No. We will mail copies of the transcripts to the school you listed on your registration.

  1. I have other commitments outside of summer school, how many days can I miss?

You are allowed to miss a maximum of 2 days. After that, you will be dropped from the course, and no refund will be issued. Please see the Attendance Policy tab.

  1. I would like to also sign up for Damien Athletic camps. Do I do this through summer school?

No. This is done through our athletics department. Please go to or contact our Athletic Director Mr. Jeff Grant for more information.

  1. My son is an incoming 9th grader to Damien and has been told he has mandatory summer school, but we have prior commitments and can't attend. What should we do?

Please contact the school's regular Academic Counselors to discuss your options. 


  1. I registered for a course, but unfortunately, I am not able to attend. How do I cancel my class and get a refund?

Please email Summer School Coordinator Melissa Pasillas at with your name and the name of the course. She will email you a copy of your course cancellation.