Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have paid my registration, now what?

Once you have completed the payment process, you will receive an email with your class information. If you signed up for a My Online Academy course, all information will come directly from them. 

  1. What is the difference between 5-unit course and a 10-unit course?

A 5-unit class is equivalent to 1 semester. If you child is trying to move ahead in a subject and needs a complete year, then you should register for 10 units (this summer this option is only for a limited number of courses. Please see Remote Course Offerings).

  1. Who will be teaching the course? Will there be more than one section, and do I have a choice?

Course instructors for all courses are all current Damien teachers. 

  1. My child doesn’t go to Damien, St. Lucy’s, or Pomona Catholic, can they still attend?

    Please see the 2020 Remote Course Offerings

  2. Is there any chance courses will be cancelled?

    Yes. If there is low enrollment for any course, it will be cancelled. My Online Academy courses will not be cancelled for any reason.

  3. Will I need to purchase books?

    No. All materials will be provided. Math courses may also require you purchase Math XL and are at the students' expense.

  4. I do not go to Damien, how will my school know I took the course this summer? Do I need to pick up the transcripts?

    No. We will mail copies of the transcripts to the school you listed on your registration.

  5. My son is an incoming 9th grader to Damien and has been told he has mandatory summer school, but we have prior commitments and can't attend. What should we do?

    All requirements have been waived this summer. Please see your School Admin account for important information sent out.  

  6. I registered for a course, but unfortunately, I am not able to attend. How do I cancel my class and get a refund?

Please email Summer School Coordinator Melissa Pasillas at with your name and the name of the course if it was Damien created. For My Online Academy courses, you will need to contact them directly.