Damien High School

Parent Groups

St. Monica’s Guild is comprised of a group of volunteer mothers. The Guild functions as an active part of the Damien High School community, and operates through a Board and Committee Structure of mothers who also volunteer their time. All mothers of currently enrolled Damien students are automatically members.

St. Monica’s Guild members strive to work in a way that is reflective of St. Monica - one of the most famous patron Saint’s who was also a mother. St. Monica remained in prayer until her son Augustine (later St. Augustine) became faithful to the Lord. She was relentless in her dedication to her son until his conversion to Catholicism and his eventual baptism.

The Guild serves to provide support in a variety of ways, specifically fundraising. In the spirit of patron St. Monica, the Guild is also focused on the spiritual and emotional well being for all boys who attend Damien High School. This effort can be seen through the work of outreach and bereavement ministries sponsored by St. Monica’s Guild mothers.

Participation is encouraged and welcome as assistance is needed for a variety of activities throughout the school year. Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm in the Teacher Lounge (in the 100 building).

If you have any questions please contact the St. Monica's Guild President: 

Erma Cross,  erminiacross@yahoo.com



  Aug  6, 2015   Used Uniform Sale

Aug 12,  2015   SMG Meeting 

Aug 13,  2015    Back-to-School Night 

Aug 23, 2015  Welcome Tea

  Sep 9, 2015     SMG Meeting 

Oct  14, 2015  SMG Meeting

 Oct 22, 2015    Parent-Teacher Conferences

  Nov 4, 2015    SMG Meeting

Nov 14, 2015     Dinner Dance Auction

Nov 15, 2015    8th Grade Open House & BBQ

  Dec 7, 2015    Christmas Tree Lighting

  Dec 9, 2015     SMG Mass & Dinner

  Dec 9, 2015     8th Grade Open House

  Jan 7, 2016    8th Grade Open House

Jan 13, 2016     SMG Meeting

Feb 10, 2016   SMG Meeting

  Mar 6, 2016    Father-Son Mass & Breakfast

  Mar 9 ,2016     SMG Meeting

  Apr 5, 2016     Frosh Info Night

Apr 13, 2016     SMG Meeting

Apr 14, 2016     Frosh Info Night

 May 1, 2016     Mother-Son Mass & Breakfast

May 11, 2016    SMG End of Year Mass & Dinner

May 18, 2016   Senior Farewell BBQ

May 19, 2016   Baccalaureate Mass

May 21, 2016    Graduation