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You’ll have a lot of opportunities to develop as a leader, grow in your faith, and become an active participant in a vibrant campus community. Over 40 clubs to join! Or start a new one!

Name of Club
Leadership (President’s name first followed by Vice President’s)
Club Advisors (Faculty/Staff)

Art Club
Andrew Cordero, Jonah Carlos, Marcelo Sevilla, Rudy Hodgson
Advisors: Ron Castillo, Katie Phillips-Ortega
To encourage students to be creative and get skillful at art. We also want to help the photography program grow. This will included weekend trips, tutoring, and open sessions for students to share their artwork and creativity.

Black Student Union (BSU)
Cameron Shelton, Brad Williams, Warren Bryan, Elijah McCullough
Advisor: Rosemary DiCarlo
The overall purpose of the BSU is to create more diverse activities for the student body, create cultural awareness at Damien, and promote a more positive image of black students. Students of all races and cultural backgrounds are welcome to join.

Board Games Club
Anthony Ebiner, Thomas Ku, Riley Olsen
Advisor: David Holt
The purpose of the board games club is to meet a few times a month to play strategy-oriented board games. This will help students build lasting relationships in a casual environment while teaching participants critical thinking skills.

Boarding Club
Thomas Prata, Brian Lopez, Jackson Bugelli
Advisor: Jason Corella
To bring the Damien community together through the activities of skate boarding and snowboarding. Using these activities to promote creativity and brother-hood.

Bocce Ball Club
Jeremy Woo, Caleb Park, Jeremy Cortinas, Jaiden Urbina
Advisor: Jim O'Brien
To plan and organize tournaments and teach the sport of bocce. We will also donate to Damien charities like the Let It Be Club.

Book Recycling Club
Ruizhe (Apple) Jin, Daniel Ryu, Brandon Liau, Bryan Sun
Advisor: Emily Patten
The purpose of the club is to help students recycle their books at the end of each year and help other students get the books they need for a lower price.

Bowling Club
Dylan Johnson, Joseph Banuelos
Advisor: Steven Jasso
To help introduce students from all grade levels to each other by bowling and having fun with each other. The goal of the club is to provide an after school activity where students can have fun and get their mind off school.

Bracelet Contexture
Kamting (Alex) Cheung, Daniel Hwangbo, Kevin Lee
Advisor: Josh Truax
The purpose of the club is to meet with like-minded students and create bracelets that can be worn.

Car Club
Jacob Martinez, Christian Martinez, Clay Clements
Advisors: Melissa Pasillas, Alex Jimenez
To encourage and promote safe driving while appreciating cars of all makes, models, and years.

Care Package Club
Evan Crockett, Stephen Gaylor, Brian Zozaya, Chris Holgin
Advisor: Raymond Nolte
The purpose of the club is to collect, package, and distribute meals for the homeless at regular intervals.

Advisor: Chris Douglas
California Scholarship Foundation & National Honor Society

Char Char Trust
Kailiang Wang, Wes Alameda, Lambert Li
Advisor: Doc Williams
The purpose of the club is to raise funds for the Char Char Trust Foundation so the children of Malawi can learn to read, write, and have a better future.

Creative Digital Media (CDM)
Albert Zao, Leo Lee, George Wang
Advisor: Paul Pridgeon
CDM is a club designed to get students together and create digital media through sites such as YouTube. The club will also help students with any projects related to digital media.

Computer Science Club
Simon Fei, Federico Parres, Cristian Dominguez, Christopher Ferrendelli
Advisor: Eric McElrea
To introduce members to advanced computer science studies such as programming, game development, micro controllers, etc.

Dance Club
Leo Lee, Albert Zao, George Wang, Daniel Ryu
Advisor: Steve Patten
The goal of the club is to provide a platform for students to express themselves through dance.

Donut Club
Randy Abdalla, Spencer Fleurant, Nicholas Rodriguez, Ahmad Alkhatib
Advisor: Tim Ousterhout
To sell donuts as a way to raise money for charity.

Drama Club
Dominic Cortes, Jackson Capitano
Advisor: Angela Curry
This club provides thespians from Damien and its sister schools with an arena for displaying their talents. Members put on 1-2 plays a year and learn to produce, direct, act and work as part of the technical crew.

Entrepreneurship Club
Ahmad Alkhatib, Randy Abdalla, Nicholas Rodriguez
Advisor: Donny Peters
To get together and dicuss possibilities for starting businesses.

Fishing Club
Hector Varela, Waseem Shindy, Dominic Serrano, Dominic Ortiz
Advisor: Jim O'Brien
To educate the fishing member in strategies and tactics in salt water fishing. To build community through various outings.

French Club
Eric Li, Joshua Glick, Joseph Apple, Alexander Worrell
Advisor: Laurence Lawson
To educate members about and promote French culture.

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
Eric Li, Kai Wang
Advisor: Jeff Coray
To promote business leadership skills and principles among students that have an interest in entrepreneurship.

Future Doctors of America
Matthew Windross, Chris Currie, Pavan Mody, Georgio Rouhana
Advisor: Shalini Mahon
To introduce students to the concepts and classes they will need to one day make it in medical school. To visit different medical schools.

Gaming Club
German Azurin, Alexander Estrada
Advisor: Nick Curci
Provide students with a chance to relieve stress and enjoy gaming with other students.

League of Gentlemen 
Joey Abdalla, David Gonzalez, Alejandro De Loera, Joshua Barcenas
Advisor: Raymond Nolte
To raise money for emergency services and military personnel.

German Club
Alejandro De Loera, Jacob Martin, Joey Abdalla, Joseph Tran
Advisor: Lisa LeDuc
To provide opportunities for students to become acquainted with the German language and culture.

Health Club
Wyland Worley, Jerome Torres, Paul Musharbash
Advisor: Ron Castillo
The purpose of the club is to educate students who are interested in the health/medical fields. The club will aim to educate students about different careers in the medical field while also providing opportunities for students to volunteer at hospitals/MD offices.

Helping Hands for Hurting Hearts
Anthony Tarakji, Nick Ashby, Mark Sayegh, Ryan Metz
Advisor: Steve Patten
To fundraise and donate to those in need due to the civil war in Syria that has left hundreds of thousands in need of shelter, food, blankets, medication, and prosthetic limbs.

Hiking Club
Kevin Tessier, Trevor Goodenough, Ruben Vasquez, Nathan Lopez
Advisor: Tim Staples
The club is a great way to explore the outdoors, connect with nature, get in shape, and bond as brothers.

Jiu Jitsu Club
Marcio Fallah
Advisor: Chris Salabaj
To teach different skills and strategies associated with Jiu Jitsu.

Dominic Cortes, Adam Soto
Advisor: Raymond Nolte
The club's purpose is to serve the community and try to make the world a little better through service.

Let It Be
Ben Canty, Tyler Hackett, Adrian Najera, Christian Prieto
Advisor: Jim O'Brien, Sara Pertusati
To participate in various fundraisers and charity work for the Let It Be Foundation and the Cameron Mitchell Scholarship.

Malala Club
Robert Convento, Alec Santos
Advisor: Dylan Freude
The goal of the club is to find ways to raise money for the Malala Fund; the official organization led by Malala Yousafzai which focuses on helping girls in 3rd world countries become educated.

Math Club
Sam Lu, Steve Lin
Advisor: Xiomara Velasquez
Our goal is to give students the opportunity to engage in mathematics that is noncompetitive, fun, and different from "textbook" math.

Philosophy Club
Kyle Martinich, Kameron Schmidt, Logan Joseph, Liam McNair
Advisor: John Mahon
To give students the chance to meet and have discussions/debates on varying issues such as the meaning of life, the origin of our mortality, or any other philosophical subject.

Ping Pong/Table Tennis Club
Ryan Zhu, Frank Lou, Jeff Cai, Jack Gohg, Shurah Wang
Advisors: John Mahon, Steve Jasso
To gather everyone together who loves ping pong to play and have various tournaments throughout the year.

Advisors: Christy Amrhein, Melissa Pasillas
To promote brotherhood in athletics through cheering for our various sports teams.

Recycling Club
Tyler Hackett, JayAndre Loquiere
Advisor: Ron Castillo
Keep the campus clean, recycle cans and bottles to earn money for Damien to possibly install more water fountains, help students earn service hours, introduce students to "Go Green" ideas, make the club stand out for its participation and contribution to the school.

Red Cross Club
Pavan Mody, Matt Windross, Georgio Rouhanna, Chris Currie
Advisor: Shalini Mahon
To spread awareness about First Aid and emergency preparedness, as well as introduce students to the benefits of blood donation.

Road Biking Club
Rainier Gracial, Dominic MacIsaac
Advisor: Dominic Maricic
The purpose of the road biking club is to take part in the cycling community by teaching those with less skill to be better and improving the skills of those that are already good. The club also plans to spread the joy of cycling to others.

Science Club
Daniel Ryu, Sam Lu, Leo Lee, Apple Jin
Advisor: Steve Jasso
Students will meet to discuss science related topics; to try and raise interest in the sciences.

Spartan Racing Club
Anthony Vinci, Charles Baggarly, Markus McCormack
Advisor: Josh Truax
To train for Reebok sponsored Spartan Races while forming team-building relationships.

Sports Medicine Club
Andrew Carillo, Esteban Arroyo, Beau Ramirez, Lily Gomez, Paige McCaslin, Alexa Olson
Advisors: Jessica Truax, Gabbie White
Students learn 1st aid and emergency responder skills while assisting the Athletic Training staff to support their fellow Spartans on the field.

Stocks Club
Eric Li, Wes Alameda
Advisor: Jeff Coray
To provide a forum for students to become engaged in financial and business research, to understand the stock market better, and to compete in virtual stock market simulations.

Tactical Team Building
Andrew Anguiano
Advisor: Raymond Nolte
To bring Damien students together through tactical training and leadership through the sports of airsoft and paintball.

Tennis Club
Ruizhe (Apple) Jin, Danny Yoon, Daniel Ryu
Advisor: Steve Jasso
To encourage students playing tennis and develop their interests. Helping the new players to improve and become ready for tryouts for the Damien tennis team.

Spencer Fleurant, Randy Abdalla, Nicholas Rodriguez, Ahmad Alkhatib
Advisor: Tim Ousterhout
To find ways to raise money for UNICEF.

Venture Crew
Jack Campbel, Brett Terlip
Advisor: John Mahon
The purpose of this club is to gain leadership experience and have fun through a wide spectrum of activities.

We Day Club
Advisors: Christy Amrhein, Sara Pertusati
To promote service in the community and globally

Youth ESports of America
Alexander Estrada, Ryan Macias
Advisor: Josh Truax
To compete against other schools in the game League of Legends. While doing so, the club members will learn teamwork skills and critical thinking skills. Chances for community service hours and college scholarships are also available.