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Damien High School offers scholarships to incoming and current students. Many of these privately funded scholarships honor the legacy of significant Damien community members. Application processes vary for each named scholarship. A committee coordinates the scholarship selection process. In some cases, the donor is directly involved or has established a board to assist with the selection process. Some scholarships are faculty nomination only.
Most of the freshmen scholarships are based on the financial need of the family. Thus, to qualify, a family will need to complete the on-line FACTS Grant & Aid Application. FACTS will assess your financial need based on the numbers you enter. If FACTS determines the family does not have a financial need, but that family feels like they need assistance, they can appeal the decision. In the appeal process, the tuition assistance committee will review the application and make a final decision based on that family’s individual case.
After a family is designated for tuition assistance (Spartan Grant), the scholarship committee will review families awarded tuition assistance to determine if the Spartan Grant should be supplemented, replaced or enhanced by a specific scholarship.
The scholarship descriptions below provide brief summaries of the terms and conditions required by the donors of that scholarship. These brief descriptions may not include complete selection criteria and are subject to change. We recommend that students take careful time when applying to the respective scholarships offered by Damien High School and its generous benefactors.
ANTHONY M. SCHIRO MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (junior only; faculty/staff nominated)
This scholarship is granted annually to a junior who have best embodied the characteristics which made Anthony M. Schiro such a respected, esteemed, and greatly loved man. The recipient of this year’s award has demonstrated a high degree of loyalty to family, school, church, and almighty God. This young man is an individual who has utilized every opportunity to develop his God-given abilities in both the intellectual and athletic spheres, and who has shown that he is likely to use his talents in the service of others.
BALLINGALL FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP (faculty/staff nominated)
Ballingall Family Scholarship 
BILL HANNON FOUNDATION (incoming freshmen and current students)
Student must have a financial need. Emphasis placed on students receiving CEF, attended Pomona Catholic Middle School or living in Pomona. No application required.
This scholarship is granted annually to students who show aptitude and/or proficiency in academics and have financial needs unable to meet themselves. This scholarship is offered to juniors and seniors who best embody the academic and moral characteristics of a true Spartan. Ideally, the candidate demonstrates loyalty to his family and school, while having a high awareness of the outside community. He is extremely motivated and detail-oriented yet not afraid to request help or assistance when needed. This young man is an individual who utilizes every opportunity to become a better and stronger citizen of humanity with each passing day. This young man is truly an inspiration to those around him and will set a higher standard for others who aspire to attain the scholarship in the future.
BRIAN CHRISTOPHER SMITH MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (incoming freshmen and current students; faculty/staff nominated)
Brian Christopher Smith graduated from Damien High School in 1992. While here, he was an active member of the community, an athlete, and a scholar. He was a dedicated friend, always willing to lend a helping hand or a word of encouragement. The love of life he possessed encouraged his classmates to live each day to the fullest. This award is given to an individual who best exemplifies the spirit of Brian’s zest for life, and an individual who exemplifies a close relationship with God.
CAMERON MITCHELL '15 MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND (junior only; faculty/staff nominated)
This annual scholarship is to a rising junior, in loving memory of Cameron Sevan Mitchell. For those who may not know, Cameron, a student at Damien, suffered a brain tumor that, after a long fight, unfortunately took him on June 1, 2013 - just seven days before his 16th birthday. He was known as “The Funologist” by his peers, for living and creating awesome life experiences, anything adventurous and all things fun! Cameron was an academic who enjoyed learning, a musician who played various instruments and loved music; he was a foodie who savored and cooked; he was a traveler across the states and all the way to China. This scholarship is presented to a Spartan man who best embodies the qualities which Cameron demonstrated throughout his young life: a love of learning, faced adversity in life, hones the respect of his peers and faculty, personifies “service above self”, and exemplifies a true Spartan man of service, scholarship and faith.
CHUCK BALLINGALL FUTURE DEBATER SCHOLARSHIP (incoming freshman only; application required)
Established by Scott Hilinkski (’86) in honor of one of his favorite teachers, Chuck Ballingall, is given to an incoming freshman students with an interest in debate. At the beginning of the freshmen semester, qualified applicants receive notification. Requirements for this scholarship are: (1) Minimum 90th cumulative percentile on High School Placement Test (2) Evidence of strong grades in 8th grade (3) Registration in Honors Debate 9, and will stay in 9th grade year (4) Recommendation from a. 8th grade debate coach if applicable, or b. English or Social Science teacher, with emphasis on ability to read and interpret text, and participate effectively in class discussions/debates and (5) Personal essay from student.
ERNANI ROBERTO & ANN SILVA MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (junior only; faculty/staff nominated)
Award goes to an entering junior who needs financial assistance. The student should be well rounded, high achieving, a leader, effective communication skills, takes AP classes, community service at Damien and in the community, a goal to attend a top college/university.
GEORGE H. MAYR FOUNDATION (incoming freshmen and current students)
Student must be a resident of the State of California; be deserving and in need of financial aid; have completed the equivalent of eighth grade. No application required.
GEORGE RYAN BOYLE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (senior only; faculty/staff nominated)
This scholarship is granted annually to a student who best exemplifies George Ryan Boyle’s love for life and for Damien High School. This senior has demonstrated outstanding athletic ability, shown strong leadership qualities and has helped create a competitive team spirit, while caring for his fellow teammates and promoting team sacrifice. Furthermore, he has conducted himself as an exemplary member of the Damien High School community.
J.P. AUGUSTYN MEMORIAL AWARD (senior only; faculty/staff nominated)
This award is presented to two graduating seniors who have demonstrated outstanding academic, as well as athletic performance, throughout their four years of high school and are especially gifted in math and science.
JAMES DINEEN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (junior, senior eligible; faculty/staff nominated)
James Dineen Memorial Scholarship 
KIWANIS OF GLENDORA SCHOLARSHIP (senior only; faculty/staff nominated)
Must be a resident of Glendora or the Damien Kiwanis Club. Expectations: financial need, academic accomplishments, service to school/community. Heavy emphasis on service to school/community.
This scholarship was created in honor of Michael Don Schneberger, and awards outstanding students who exemplify the lifestyle of Michael. The candidate receiving this annual scholarship is a student about to complete his junior year at Damien High School. In his three years at Damien, he has excelled in academics, in his extra-curricular involvement and is well-liked by faculty and peers.
THE MICHAEL TARU ELLIS SR. MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP  (incoming Freshman and Current Students)
This scholarship will provide tuition assistance or academic essentials to a student who has spent time in the foster care system or who is the dependent of a parent that has spent time in the foster care system. For the purposes of this scholarship, foster care will be defined as the temporary service provided by the State for children under the age of 18, who cannot live with their immediate biological families. The children in foster care may live with relatives, unrelated foster parents, group homes, residential care facilities, emergency shelters, or supervised independent living. All awards are need-based and will be determined by the Tuition Assistance Committee at Damien High School with input from the active donors for this agreement.
NANCY A. LYNCH ENDOWED MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (incoming freshmen and current students)
Named in loving memory of Nancy Lynch, mother of James Lynch '85, Brian Lynch '84 and Michael Lynch '81, the endowed scholarship will provide financial aid to deserving students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend to Damien High School. Recipients of the scholarship will embody the values exhibited by Mrs. Lynch throughout her life – courage, courtesy, education, and helping others in need whenever possible. The Scholarship Committee will select the recipient(s) each year from the applicants to Damien's Tuition Assistance program. No application required.
Given to a student(s) who have chosen to participate in extracurricular activities around the athletic experience at Damien High School. This could mean an athlete, cheerleader, band member, leader in the Pit (student section), etc. They must be currently a sophomore, junior, or senior at Damien High School, Pomona Catholic, or St. Lucy’s, be strong in their faith, and loyal to the tri-school system.
RICHARD MILLER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (incoming freshmen and current students; faculty/staff nominated)
The Richard Miller Memorial Scholarship is given in memory of former Damien faculty member Rich Miller, who served Damien for many years as a world history teacher, as well as the head coach of the cross country and track teams. The award is presented to a member of the track or cross country teams who made the most of their abilities both on the track and in the classroom.
ROBERT L. & JACK CLAUER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (junior, senior eligible; faculty/staff nominated)
This scholarship is awarded in loving memory of Robert L. Clauer and Jack T. Clauer, husband and grandson of former registrar, Mrs. Jo Clauer. This award is presented to a Damien Spartan who demonstrates a strong work ethic, has made outstanding contributions in the areas of academics, extra-curricular activities, Christian leadership or athletics, while conducting himself in a spirit of friendship to others and loyalty to Damien High School.
THE ROBERT SOUZA MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND (incoming freshmen and current students; faculty/staff nominated)
The Robert A. Souza Memorial Scholarship is in loving memory of Bob Souza, a past professional athlete and avid sports fan who was a father and grandfather to eight Catholic and parochial school athletes. Bob appreciated the value of good sportsmanship and core values provided by a Catholic School education. The funds from this scholarship will be used to support students with financial need to help pay for expenses related to attending Damien High School, which may include tuition, athletic fees and/or student activity fees. The Scholarship Committee will select the recipient(s) each year from the applicants to Damien's Tuition Assistance program.
RON FEDERICO MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (juniors only; faculty/staff nominated)
The Ron Federico Memorial Scholarship is in memory of long-time Damien coach, Ron Federico. Each sport’s current head coach selects the nominees. The finalist, rising juniors, are evaluated based on who best exemplifies those qualities that Ron reinforced in all of his players. The student-athlete should be an example of hard work, an inspiration to his teammates, and highly committed to his school and team.
SCHOOLS FIRST "WORTHY STUDENT" AWARD (senior only; faculty/staff nominated)
Schools First "Worthy Student" Award (senior only; faculty/staff nominated)
SACRED HEARTS SS.CC. SCHOLARSHIP (senior only; faculty/staff nominated)
Sacred Hearts SS.CC. Scholarship
THE SPARTAN MERIT AWARD (sophomore, junior, senior eligible; faculty/staff nominated)
On behalf of and funded by the Damien families of Brutocao, Cerni, Filpi, Hadley, Lindley and Pirrone, this award assists outstanding Damien students who demonstrate the Catholic values taught in the classroom are practiced day by day in a strengthening, supporting, and encouraging environment. The recipient of this award is a notable young man whose life exemplifies the qualities of a true Damien Spartan by demonstrating a strong work ethic, good character, concern for others, and has achieved an outstanding level of achievement in academics. In his own way, he has made a significant contribution that has enriched the Damien community.
SPARTAN SPIRIT AWARD (faculty/staff nominated)
Spartan Spirit Award 
ST. DAMIEN SCHOLARSHIP (senior only; faculty/staff nominated)
This scholarship is awarded to a senior who has displayed a deep commitment to the Catholic tradition of Christian charity, has made a significant contribution in service to Damien High School, the local community, and/or other communities in need, and has demonstrated the values of Saint Damien through service.
TOM CARROLL MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND (sophomore, junior eligible; faculty/staff nominated)
Through his inspirational leadership and by his examples, Coach Tom Carroll profoundly affected the lives of countless young men through a legacy of sportsmanship. The Tom Carroll Scholarship ensures that the life-lessons and stories learned along various golf cart rides with Coach Carroll live on at Damien High School. The Tom Carroll Scholarship reflects Coach Carroll’s great appreciation for the value of education and the opportunities that schools like Damien provide to young men. Scholarships are awarded to a sophomore or junior who exhibits outstanding school spirit, and a demonstrated desire to help others.
WALLACE & LUCILLE PEARSALL MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (senior only; faculty/staff nominated)
This Scholarship is presented on behalf of the Pearsall family in memory of Wallace and Lucille Pearsall, parents of former Damien principal, Mr. Sam Pearsall. It is awarded each year to a senior who has exhibited excellence in mathematics throughout his four years of high school.