Virtus and Live Scan

Thank you for deciding to host an international student.  We hope that this will be an incredible educational and cultural experience for your entire family.  Please use the Host Family Guidelines (below) to help your family have the best experience possible. As well, these important steps must be taken before any student can be placed in your home.


Host Families are an important part of our International Student Program. Providing a safe environment for everyone involved is our responsibility. As such, our host families must attend Virtus training and receive a certificate of completion before inviting an international student into their home. As well, Host families must complete Live Scan fingerprinting prior to the arrival of their international student. By 'Host Family' we mean any adult over the age of 18 living in the same household. This, taken directly from the Archdiocese Handbook concerning host families: "Host families are required to meet with the school for orientation and periodically thereafter. Host families must attend meetings and functions required of domestic parents/guardians. Host families are required to attend Safe Environment Training" (This means all persons living in the household who are over the age of 18).

Please click here for Virtus (Safe Environment Training) information, registration, and training locations. You must first register and then search for training sites under Los Angeles Archdiocese San Gabriel Valley.


Download and save the applicant questionnaire (found below).You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Please do not print the form nor complete the form by hand. Fill it out within Adobe PDF on your desktop. Open the applicant questionnaire. Answer, and fill in the applicant’s demographic and personal information. Please do not leave anything blank. If the answer is not applicable, please type N/A.

Save the completed applicant questionnaire using the applicant's LAST NAME, FIRST NAME format as the name of the file, for example (SMITH, JOHN.PDF) and email it to [email protected].

The turnaround to receive a completed live scan application from the Fingerprinting Department is usually less than an hour during office hours, Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM.

Print out two copies of the final request for Live Scan application and present it to any third party live scan vendor with your valid form of identification. Before being fingerprinted, please make sure the Fingerprinting Technician has entered all data correctly. After completing your live scan, the Fingerprinting Technician will sign, date and write the ATI number on both copies. The first copy of the live scan form is kept by the provider. The second copy is scanned, emailed to the Fingerprinting Department and returned to the applicant. The applicant must keep the original of the second copy for their records and is responsible for providing their school/parish with a copy of the final live scan application.

Please click here for third party Live Scan locations near you. You can search by county and zip code.
Helpful Codes for the Process:
OCA# 09590
DOJ and FBI - Mark both 
Name of School: Damien High School
City: La Verne