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For students and parents, information related to individual subjects is found at my moodle pages.  See the links below:
Honors Pre-Calculus: (guest password is "spartans")
AP Calculus AB or BC: (guest password is "spartans")
About Myself:
This year I'm teaching 2 sections of Honors Pre-Calculus, 3 sections AP Calculus AB, and 1 section of AP Calculus BC. 
Professional History:
This is my 16th year teaching math
1 year at Grove High School, Redlands (2002-2003)
2 years at Arroyo Valley High School, San Bernardino (2003-2005)
13 years at Damien High School (2005-present).  I originally said I would give 4 years back and yet I’m still here and wouldn't have it any other way. I feel blessed to be apart of the Damien Community.
6 years at Chaffey College (2013-present) as an adjunct teacher in the mathematics department.
Including this year’s classes, I’ve taught:
4 years and 1 summer school of Algebra 1
8 years and 2 summer schools of Geometry
8 years of Algebra 2
9 years of Pre-Calculus
11 years of AP Calculus AB
7 years of AP Calculus BC
1 year of Principles of Engineering
0 years of English (I apologize as there will be some structural and grammatical errors despite efforts to fix them)
Academic Background:
Graduated with a B.A. in Mathematics from California State University of San Bernardino in 2002 (in 3 years thanks to starting as a sophomore because of the AP credit earned at Damien). Earned my California Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics from CSUSB in 2004.  Starting working on my Masters of Arts in Teaching Mathematics in 2004. (Hopefully I’ll finish one day although I probably will begin studying some new instead soon)
I graduated from Damien in 1999 following in the footsteps of my oldest brother Aaron (Class of 1990), my uncle Paul (Class of 1969) and my father Anton (1963).  I started in the regular college prep classes and worked hard to get into the honors and AP tracks of school. I passed (earning 3 or better) 7 out of 9 AP exams (Passing: US History, Biology, Psychology, English 11, English 12, Calculus BC and AB (sub score), Statistics,  Didn't Pass (scored 2's) European History and Physics).  I graduated with a 4.23 GPA (ranked 14th in my class of 267).  I played soccer all four years at Damien, was a Kairos leader, and was one of the original members of the Christian Leadership class on campus.    
I attended Sacred Heart School in Rancho Cucamonga from K-8th (It was known as Anton Martin Slomsek or AMS when I first started).   
  • Mathematics- I truly love math!  I enjoy learning new concepts and applications in the various fields of mathematics.  My favorite field in mathematics is Number Theory followed by Euclidean Geometry
  • International Travel (Life-long goals is to teach abroad for a year and retire to be a travel guide internationally).