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Damien's School Code (for SAT, ACT, and college applications) is 052502.
The Counseling Department provides services in the areas briefly described below. 
Academic and Personal Counseling:
The Guidance program at Damien is concerned with the academic/career, personal/social, and spiritual growth of each student. Emphasis is placed on academic preparation and course scheduling; decision-making; social development; and especially on the college search, selection, and application process. Counseling takes place in a variety of forums: individually, in small groups, in class sections, and in class-level assemblies. Though students are assigned a counselor, they are able to meet with any counselor depending on the situation, their counselor’s availability, or other factors. Students are encouraged to consult any faculty member with whom they feel personally comfortable as well. If specialized needs arise, students may be referred to an appropriate on- or off-campus specialist.
College Counseling:
Counselors encourage students and their parents to make appropriate academic decisions that lead to success in high school and post-secondary education. During a student’s time at Damien, counselors introduce the concept of college and career pathways, assess and counsel students about their interests, and help students make connections between their current academic progress and future college plans. Counselors help students understand the relationship between consistent efforts in school and success in college. Counselors provide expertise to juniors and seniors as they engage in the college search, selection, and application process.
Personal Counseling:
From time to time we recognize that solutions to learning issues are related to factors outside our classrooms. In that regard we have contracted with Concern Counseling to provide short-term review to help students deal with persona, behavioral, and/or family problems that interfere with student learning or social progress. Click on the link to the right (Outreach Concern Referrals) to submit a referral. Referrals can be submitted by parents or by students, as well as by faculty and school administration.