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Vince Carpio '65

Original Interview by Michael Wendel '05

Vince Carpio is a man who has made some extraordinary accomplishments and contributed to the community in a way that cannot be overlooked. Vince graduated from Damien in 1965 having excelled in academics, football, soccer, and track & field. This is no easy task for a developing young man, yet Vince managed to partake in all these activities while being a three year letterman in football. When looking back at his experiences at Damien, one of his favorite elements was the way in which academics were included with the spiritual element of teaching. He feels that this combination is one that produces healthy and wholesome Christian men.

After his years at Damien, Vince proceeded to study Behavioral Sciences at Cal Poly Pomona, where he earned a degree. Vince claimed that he was able to draw on his experiences at Damien while he was in college to remind him that anything is possible if one works hard to achieve it. During this particular time he strove to be a better person and never giving up on his efforts. Soon after he was off to UCLA to study a slightly different subject, human resource management.

After his college endeavors, Vince began working in the private sector in manufacturing management. His job has enabled him to work abroad in other countries such as Puerto Rico, Mexico, and China. He has been able to reach out to contribute more to his society with the opportunity to travel to these other countries and come in contact with their different cultures.

Outside of work, Vince CarpiĀ° has spent a great deal of time and effort on raising his family. He is married to his wonderful wife, Grace, and they have four daughters, Teresa, Genevieve, Natalie, and Desiree as well as a son, Vince III. Raising a large family is no easy task, but Vince has taken to it admirably.

In terms of his outlook on life, Vince has taken a particular liking to the phrase in Damien's own Alma Mater, "With our shield or on it." He feels that this really characterizes the act of giving one hundred percent and doing it with honor and pride. Thus, Vince has been undaunted in his pursuit of always giving his full effort in each and every aspect of life. One of the things that he admires and appreciates the most about Damien is the process of the tradition of excellence and honor being carried down from class to class through the years.from class to class through the years.