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Damien Summer Debate Workshop

2019 Damien Summer Debate Workshop

Superior Instruction

-Over 20 years experience coaching debate

-Instructors have coached top level debaters at both the college and high school level

-Experience providing both group and individual instruction


            -Gain a strong understanding of policy and public forum debate

            -Get a head start on 2019-2020 policy resolution and Sept/Oct. public forum resolution

            -Students will learn advanced argumentation skills


            -Policy Debate

            -Public Forum Debate


            -Monday-Thursday, each week from July 9 to August 1.

            -$150 Per week

            -$50 deposit due by July 1


Workshop structure

                -4 Week workshop:  Participants may attend 1,2,3 or 4 weeks.

                                Week 1:  Develop argumentation skills, learn debate formats, gain knowledge of upcoming season’s topic

                                Week 2:  Focus is on argument development, research and case writing.

                                Week 3: Training on advanced argumentation, rebuttals and cross-examination/cross-fire

                                Week 4: Practice debates, how to prepare for the upcoming season, workshop tournament.


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