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We participate in policy debate, competing statewide and nationally. Damien has had one of the most successful programs in California for over 60 years. Take a closer look at these pages to learn about the history of Damien Debate, team tournament  schedule, and this year's national debate topic.
Every year, the National Speech and Debate Association issues a nation-wide vote of its membership to choose a specific resolution that our students will debate for a full year.
Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its protection of water resources in the United States.
Tim Lewis (Class of 2013) is the Head Coach and Director of Debate. Prior to returning to Damien, Tim was the Head Coach and Director of Debate at Hebron High School in Carrollton, TX where he was the most holistically successful speech and debate coach in program history. Tim is a scholar-practitioner of cultural studies and critical theory. Tim debated for Damien High School in La Verne, CA where he was in no fewer than five TOC bid rounds. Tim was an assistant coach at Damien High School where his students received a total of 6 TOC bids across the last three years (five in Policy and one in LD). Tim's teams have notably won the University of Washington Championship, been in the finals of Long Beach and The Meadows tournaments, were semi-finalists at Alta, and been recognized by the University of Michigan's National Coaches poll as receiving votes for being a Top 25-Team among other successes.

Tim has a BA from Occidental College in Critical Theory and Social Justice and an MA from the University of La Verne in Social Justice in Higher Education Administration. Additionally, Tim was the long-term Managing Editor of Critical Theory and Social Justice: Journal of Undergraduate Research, leading it to become the top publication in its field. Tim has written debate blog posts for Exodus File, functioned as the Residence Hall Director for the Northwestern Debate Institute and Emporia State University, and is an editor at Surreal Poetics. Tim's academic work focuses on Georges Bataille, post-colonial intervention, transgressive poetry, and identity-in-resistance. Tim recently had a book of poetry, Suburba(in)e Surrealism, published in August 2021.