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Damien Academic Learning Center

Damien is proud to offer all of our students additional support in order to ensure success in their academic pursuits:

Support Team Educational Plan (STEP)
The STEP Program is a collaborative process that brings together students, parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators to help students who have a documented learning and/or attention difference find academic success.

International Student Support (ISS)
The ISS Program is for students who are in the International Program, and are in need of additional support as they transition to schooling in the United States. In conjunction with our Director of International Students, Stephen Patten, the STEP Coordinators work towards creating an inviting educational setting where students can have a designated space to test, work in a quiet setting, complete make-up work, and receive academic assistance.

Academic Learning Center (ALC)
The Academic Learning Center is located in room 204 and is open to all students from
7:00AM-4:00PM looking for a quiet, monitored space to work or study.

Academic Learning Center Team

Jackie Leonetti
STEP Coordinator
(909) 596-1946 (ext. 801)

Vicki Sinclair
STEP Coordinator
(909) 596-1946 (ext. 650)