Engineering Senior Showcase

The seniors in the fourth year engineering course presented their capstone projects at Damien’s first-ever Engineering Senior Showcase on Thursday evening, May 18, in the Digital Resource Center. Since entering the four-year engineering program, Project Lead The Way, these seniors have been building their knowledge and skills to prepare for the capstone course Engineering Design & Development.

The showcase was an opportunity for seniors to present their work in front of peers, faculty, family and friends. Seniors identified a real-world challenge and then researched, designed, and tested a solution, ultimately building a prototype and presenting their solution.

Projects Presented:

Multipurpose Mobility Aide: Evan Crockett and Jacob Bivens

Bike Rack Innovation: Jacob Longo, Joseph Ortiz, and Jason Merthan

Classroom Desk Innovation: Quinn Lawson, Andrew Caudill and Garrett Petracek

Rotational Bike Pump: Justin Romero, Federico Parres and Ezekiel Dueno

School Laptop Secure Checkout Device: Eren Bikmaz, Dominic Cortes and Lorenzo Scaturchio

Curb Assistance Wheelchair Device: Joaquin Ayala, Adrian Rivas and Patrick Hagerty

PLTW is easily the largest STEM education provider in the nation. Numerous studies have indicated that PLTW students are not only going to four-year colleges, but outperform other students.

The Class of 2018 will all be entering into different engineering or computer science programs in the fall and we look forward to hear about their many successes in the future.