Serving in the Spirit of St. Damien: Thank you Spartans & the Damien Family!

As every past and present Spartan will tell you, we are proud of our history of Christian service. Spartans are empowered to take responsibility and be servant-leaders, learning how to nurture relationships, encourage hope, transform lives, and help build a better community.

“Damien provides the foundation from which will emerge the truly confident and integrated Christian who will actively and courageously participate in the life of the world”- Rev. Peadar Cronin, SS.CC.

During the “season of giving,” we would like to thank the leadership and students behind the campaign “Serving in the Spirit of St. Damien,” a new Christian-service learning program for freshmen. The pilot program is part of the school’s curriculum to better inform students about issues connected to poverty, where measurable solutions can be developed and implemented to address such needs.

With leadership from Stephen Patten, Coordinator of Christian Service-Learning; the Spartan freshmen collected three truckloads of food for Holy Name of Mary’s St. Vincent de Paul ministry. The food will be shared to over 250 families in need. Also, 585 jackets for men, women and children were collected and will be distributed to our house-less neighbors.

Thank you to Mr. Patten for providing opportunities and being a positive influence to our Spartan men. Appreciation and gratitude to the freshmen Theology teachers for supporting the freshmen class: Douglas Hoffman, Jackie Leonetti, and Tim Osterhout. Special thanks to Mrs. Leonetti’s class for boxing jackets and parent Gayle Pendleton for her outreach efforts and pushing to get the word out.

Thank you to all the freshmen families who supported their son in this Christian-Service Learning program as well as all the Spartans, their families, faculty and staff who contributed to this meaningful learning experience and charitable cause.