World Robotics Competition is one for the Record Books

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Damien High School’s robotics team has been working hard all season and throughout the year has been competing in various tournaments. Through their hard work, the team was able to advance to the World Championships to showcase their skills and compete against students from all over the world.

The Robotics World Championship was held in Kentucky and was verified by the Guinness World Record for the largest robotics competition in the world. 16,000 teams from 42 countries vied for spots to compete in the World Championship competition. Those elite teams represented the top 8% of all robotics teams from around the world. Damien students made up two of those teams. Both teams ended up ranked 48th in their divisions, which were made up of 100 teams.

One of the teams from Damien ranked 33rd in programming skills out of the 500 teams competing. The Damien teams also scored one of five Community Awards, which are given to teams who make a difference in the community, demonstrates strong community building skills, supports students and teams beyond their school, and makes a concerted effort to raise support in their community for technology education.

The Damien High School robotics program is under the direction of Charity Trojanowski. The team competed at the Robotics World Championship April 21-23 in Kentucky. For more information about Damien's robotics program, including our upcoming summer camp for 7th through 12th grade students, please contact