Changes to the Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Registration

The College Board has made significant changes to the registration process for AP exams. The impact for  Damien students is two-fold.  First, a student enrolled in a year-long AP course is automatically registered for the AP exam once he signs up for the course at


Sign ups should have been completed at the beginning of the school year. This is the only way students can register for the exam, and the platform many teachers are using to provide exam material.  The second most significant change is Damien has set November 2nd as the last day for your son to cancel his registration for any given exam without a financial penalty. This date has been set to meet the new College Board deadline. Although the College Board may promote a different policy, Damien’s policy is that we will not issue refunds after November 2, 2020.  If your son does not plan on taking the AP exam in May, he must contact Mrs. Pertusati at prior to November 2nd to opt out without financial penalty. 

On October 23rd, we will send you a list (via email and USPS) of the AP exams for which your son is registered. This will give you one week to make any changes regarding registration.

Each AP exam is $95. You will be charged $95 through FACTS on January 15, 2021, for each AP exam your son is registered for as of November 2nd. If you believe you qualify for a fee reduction, please contact Ms. Reyes in our Finance Department at There will be no refund should your son decide not to take an AP exam for which he is registered for as of November 2nd.

Please contact Mrs. Pertusati if you have any questions at

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