Class of 2020 Prayer Service Details

Hello Parents and Graduates,

We are so happy that we are able to see you and celebrate the class of 2020 with a prayer service. But in doing so, we MUST follow the guidelines that are set in place by the CDC so that everyone can stay safe and healthy. Please no hugging or hand shaking and everyone needs to remain 6 feet apart apart from each other. We will have to ask people to leave and/ or stop the service if rules are not followed.

When you arrive at Damien on August 1, for our 2020 Graduates Prayer Service, we ask that you please follow these instructions with social distancing in mind. Everyone attending must wear a mask at all times. Graduate attire for this event is cap, gown, and face mask. All groups are asked to park in their assigned parking lot and will stay in that lot until Mrs. Amrhein has come over, given you further instructions and escorted you into the quad. 

Please arrive 15 minutes before your start time. Please make sure you are on time and not late, as we can not delay our start time and there will be no late seating. We are on a very tight schedule and spots have all been reserved. 


Your parking area is as follows:

9:00 am Senior parking Lot (East side of campus-next to the Stadium)

10:30 am Faculty parking Lot (West side of campus-next to Damien Ave.)

4:00 pm Senior parking Lot (East side of campus-next to the Stadium)

5:30 pm Faculty parking Lot (West side of campus-next to Damien Ave.)

7:00 pm Senior parking Lot (East side of campus-next to the Stadium)

During the service, both parents and graduates will be seated together, in alphabetical order. The seating will be set up into groups of 3 chairs, each set being placed 6 feet apart. Please do not move your chairs, as we must maintain this distance from each other. Once you are escorted to the quad, parents will find their assigned seats and graduates will line up in alphabetical order ready to process in-they must follow all directions given to them verbally or they will not be able to participate in the service. 

Once we are at the point of the service when we will honor our graduates, the graduate will be asked to stand, head to the center of the quad onto the concrete walkway and form a straight line. You will line up in the same alphabetical order that you were as you entered into the quad. You will walk up to the stage and turn to your right where the speaker is located (either Mr. Coray or Ms. Curry.)

Before the service, all the graduates will be given a card with their name and college they plan to attend written on it. Please check your card to make sure that the information is correct. You will hand this card to the speaker right before you step onto the stage. On the stage there will be a table with flowers and your medallion, you will take one of each. The speaker will read your name and you will step to the center of the stage and pause a second for a photo opportunity. You will then return back to your seat, present the flower to your honored guest and hand them your medallion. Once all the graduates have received their flowers and medallions, we will ask your guest to place the medallion around the neck of their graduate (you’ll be reminded to remove your cap). 

Once the prayer service has concluded, we ask that you remain in your seats until your party has been released. Please make sure at all times we are remembering to keep 6 feet apart for social distancing and that you are wearing your masks. Also, please do not toss your cap into the air at the conclusion of the service (even if that little voice is telling you to “just do it”.)

There will be a few minutes after the service for photos on the stage in the quad and in front of the athletic center but we ask that you remain mindful of the next group that will be right after you, and not linger too long to chat or reminisce.

We know that this is a very special day for our graduates and parents so we want to make sure that we are able to help you capture these moments. We will have a videographer and a photographer taking video and pictures, so please sit back and enjoy. Please find attached the order form for the video. The pictures will be a gift from Damien. Please give us some time and we will place them on our Damien website with a link for you to download them. 

Please keep in mind that Saturday is going to be warm, so prepare for the heat with a head shade, water and sunscreen, as we will be outside in the sun. 


We are so happy that you are able to join us for this very special Prayer Service to honor the class of 2020, and can’t wait to see you all on Saturday August 1st. If you have any questions please feel free to email Christy Amrhein at