A Statement Regarding Inclusion and Equity

Dear Damien Community: 


The devastating and unjust killing of George Floyd, witnessed by the world, brings shock and unimaginable, unnecessary pain to the Black community. This pain is shared by our Damien community and we ask that we come together, as one, in love, empathy, understanding, and prayer. Families are hurting, communities are overcome, and our children are watching what we do next. 


We stand with those who work tirelessly to champion equity, reform, and freedom without conditions. We applaud those who work to raise awareness and continue to shed light on the institutional realities and inequities faced by many in our communities. We reaffirm our commitment to foster healing, hope, and transformation through service and to develop the recognition of self-worth and the dignity of all.


In the words of Archbishop José H. Gomez, “It should not be this way in America. Racism is a blasphemy against God, who creates all men and women with equal dignity. It has no place in a civilized society and no place in a Christian heart.


When God looks at us, he sees beyond the color of our skin, or the countries where we come from, or the language that we speak. God sees only his children — beloved sons, beloved daughters.” 

We join our Archbishop in recognizing this can be a way for the Church to speak about the truths of the Gospel — the dignity of the human person and God’s vision for the meaning of our lives.

We acknowledge our responsibility to be part of the solution and are committed to being active agents of change and peace. 

--From Damien High School 

Damien High School stands firm against racism, bigotry, violence, and prejudice in all forms. We are committed to inclusivity and equity of all people, and to creating a safe, welcoming environment where students, families, and visitors feel welcome, safe, and valued.