Damien Joins CarpooltoSchool Network

We are pleased to announce that, in an effort to facilitate affordable and environmentally-friendly school transportation options, we've joined the CarpooltoSchool network. 

Now parents who wish to start or join a carpool can connect via web or mobile apps exclusive to Damien’s school community.  These apps gives parents a safe, easy way to meet, form or join a carpool, bikepool or walkpool, and its intuitive interface makes planning easy and convenient. 

Features include a secure matching service integrated with Google maps, scheduling, and built-in text messaging to remind parents when it's their turn to drive. Families can create carpools for daily school transportation or for afterschool activities.

Register now at damienhs.carpooltoschool.com or download the CarpooltoSchool app in the App Store.  After registering, you will receive approval from our team within 48 hours and be able to start connecting with other parents. 

To learn more, visit the CarpooltoSchool information page on the Damien website here: https://www.damien-hs.edu/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=204670&type=d&pREC_ID=1708904