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Back to School Social Media: Parent Social Media Safety Webinar

In August 2016, Damien High School hosted Josh Ochs, founder of Safe, Smart, Social. Mr. Ochs is a digital citizenship expert who provides training for parents and students. He provided insight on how to use social media to create a portfolio of accomplishments to impress colleges and employers.

With social media playing an increasingly integral part in the social and emotional lives of youth, Damien High School understands the value of showing students how to think about their future and use social media as a positive portfolio of accomplishments to shine online.


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Digital Citizenship Blog at SmartSocial.com

Password sharing can have a negative impact on a student’s college opportunities. Learn why you shouldn’t share your passwords with your friends, how password sharing can impact your online reputation, how one student had her secrets shared to her whole school, and more in our newest student training video.

Sarahah is a popular new app and website that allows users to send and receive anonymous messages. Learn how Sarahah works, why the app is a breeding ground for bullying, why the app is so dangerous for students, and what you can do if your child has a Sarahah account.

We sat down with a Best Selling Author and Founder, to talk about how parents can build relationships with their children. Learn the top parenting tips for becoming more approachable, how to build a connection with your kids, how to manage emotions in conflict, and more.

Listen in as we have a mother and daughter dialogue about digital safety. Learn how to improve communication with your children, how to explain your wisdom to them, and end the debate on when they can have their own mobile phone.

Hear from 2 experts as they share the digital side effects of bullying and what you can do about it as a parent and an educator. Learn about the top bullying myths, how to encourage students to talk to adults about bullying, ways to handle anonymous bullying, and more.

Live.me is a live streaming video app that allows users to watch or broadcast live-stream videos. Learn why we put this dangerous app into the Red Zone. Parents need to know about Live.me, check to see if their teen is using the app, and use our tips to stay safe.

We asked 5 experts to share ways that parents can prepare students for their first social media account. Learn how you can start a dialog, ways to teach students how social media can affect their future, how to establish a foundation of trust, and more.

You may not know this, but what you do privately in your free time and online can affect your chances of getting in (and staying in) your dream school or dream career. Learn how your actions online and on social media could get you kicked out of Harvard.

What Age Should Kids Get an Email Address?

What Age Should Kids Get an Email Address?

As a parent, you might be wondering when your child should get an email address. We asked 3 experts to share their best tips on kids email addresses. Learn when your student should get their first email address, tips for keeping them safe, and how to keep clear communication.

When you apply to college it is very likely that they will go on the internet and search for you, so that they can get a complete picture of who you are. We’re going to show you the top 7 ways that colleges search for applicants online.

With students having constant access to social media, texting, and the internet, they’ve managed to create a secret code language that hides their mischievous behavior from parents and teachers. Learn the most popular teen slang terms, acronyms, and hashtags from 3 safety experts.

With easy access to the internet from any mobile device, it’s not a question of if our kids will be exposed to pornography; it’s a matter of when. Learn how to start talking to kids about pornography, how to give kids an action plan, when to start talking, and more.

We sat down with 5 security experts to talk about back to school safety tips for students on social media and online. Learn what features students can use to stay safe online, how to create trust with your child, and some common misconceptions parents have about student social media use.

Since we launched a new service that designs school websites for districts, we want to share some of the best school website design tips we’ve learned along the way. Learn which industries your developer should specialize in, how to develop a parent friendly site, and tactics for improving search results.

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#3 When should a student get their first email address?
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#5 Mother & Daughter Social Media Dialog About Working Together (and Snapchat) 
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Updated Parent Social Media Safety Webinar with Top 27 Bad Apps

I have completely updated our social media safety webinar to include the top 27 bad apps your students should never use. 

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Here's our lineup of student training videos:  
  • (all of these videos are designed for you to watch with your kids so they can learn digital wisdom from another source, and so you -- the parent -- don't have to argue with them, but work with them.)
  • How colleges will search for you online
  • How to change your Google image results (register today to watch this video with your kids)
  • How to get kicked out of Harvard (register today to watch this video with your kids)
  • How to create a positive online portfolio for colleges
  • How your email can get hacked
  • How your BFF can hurt your online reputation if you give the your password
  • and 20 more videos coming soon

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