Middle School Enrichment

Summer School
Middle School Enrichment
5 Week Courses: 
HSPT Math Enrichment: Transition into Algebra
This course is designed to aid students in making the transition from elementary mathematics to high school algebra. It provides the student with an in-depth presentation of the prerequisites, concepts, and problem solving processes needed to help students become comfortable with and successful in Algebra.  The course contains a review of the fundamental concepts necessary for success in Algebra.
HSPT English Enrichment:  Reading and Writing Workshop
This course will cover the following content areas: literature, composition, grammar, vocabulary, and public speaking.  Students will be guided through the processes of pre-writing, writing, and revision as they engage in expressive and creative writing.
One Course: $350
Two Courses: $700
(Registration Deadline: June 7, 2019)
Please contact the Summer School Coordinator, Melissa Pasillas 
(email preferred) pasillas@damien-hs.edu or: (909) 596-1946, ex. 850