Attendance Policies

Regular Academic Year = Approximately 180 days
Summer School = 24 days
It follows that one summer school day is approximately equal to 7.5 days of the regular school year. Missing a week of school during the normal school year means missing only five days. During summer school, missing a week means missing approximately 37 school days (more than seven weeks) of the regular term. This is clearly excessive, and the reason why extended absences are not allowed during the summer term. Additionally, the rapid pace and intensive nature of coursework during summer school makes absences extremely difficult to manage, for both students and teachers.
Consequently, Damien High School permits students to miss no more than two (2) days of the summer term. Requests for extended absences are not recommended, especially for those taking Advancement Courses, and students missing more than 2 days may forfeit tuition and class credit.