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Retreat Program Overview

The retreat program at Damien is intended to give students a break from the stresses of everyday life to reflect on their relationship with God. Damien Students are given a chance to realize God's love for them through the many blessings that surround us daily.

The Retreat Program is used to strengthen the bond between students and foster the Brotherhood of the student body. Retreats are led by a combination of student leaders, faculty, and staff who share their passion and faith with all who choose to participate.

The retreats are all voluntary but students are encouraged to participate in as many of the retreats as they wish. The Kairos retreat is commonly referred to as the Capstone event to the 4 years spent at Damien. Recent graduating classes have had approximately 90% of their respective classes attend Kairos.
2021 Retreat Update
We look forward to resuming our Kairos tradition when public health guidelines allow.

Links to the online registration forms for the retreats are found on the right. If you have any questions regarding retreats for 2021, please contact Mr. Gary Sullivan at or Mr. Ben Zimmermann at or (909)596-1946 x263.