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Physical Education Course Descriptions


Physical Education

Pre-requisite: None


(9-12) A course in which the student participates in various sport, physical and modified activities to provide positive social interaction along with physical fitness.


Health (semester course)

Prerequisite: None – required of all 9th graders (must be taken by Summer School after the 9th grade year)


(9) This course focuses on physical, social, emotional, and mental aspects of health. Students will explore the impact of physical activity and nutrition on one’s health; mental health; the impact of various legal and illegal drugs and medications, tobacco, and alcohol on the body; infectious and noninfectious diseases.


Introduction to Fitness Training

Pre-requisite: None


(10-12) This course is designed to give students the opportunity to learn weight training concepts and techniques to achieve high levels of fitness. Students will benefit from exposure to comprehensive weight training, cross training, technology in fitness, proper supplementation, and cardiorespiratory endurance activities. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of weight training, strength training, aerobic training, and resources used to maintain quality fitness levels. The course will include lecture, activity sessions, assessments to ensure safety, and fitness program development.


Additional ways of fulfilling the 10 unit Physical Education graduation requirement:

  • 5 units: earned for completion of a season of competition on a Damien interscholastic sports team.
  • 5 units: earned for completion of the 8th period Marching Band course required of all members of the Damien Spartan Regiment.
  • 2 units: earned for successful participation for a semester in the Damien Bowling Club.