All students driving to school are required to park on campus during the school day. Student are to park in the Junior or Senior parking lots only, unless expressly given permission by the Dean of Students. Students are not allowed to park in the following areas: the parking lot east of the Event Center (south of the pool); the parking lot directly in front of the Travers Cronin Athletic Center; or the faculty parking lot (west of the 100 bldg.)


When parking in the lots:


  1. Students must register any vehicle they might drive with the Dean of Students.
  2. Registration of all vehicles is through the Damien web site.
  3. Parking passes are free and assigned by the Dean of Students.
  4. All vehicles must be parked centered within a single, lined parking space.
  5. All vehicles must be parked head-in to every parking space.
  6. All vehicles must display a school parking pass from the rearview mirror and visible through the windshield.
  7. Excessive speed (burning out, etc.); horseplay of any kind; or unsafe or illegal driving practices in any campus parking lot, campus driving lane, or observed exiting campus onto Bonita or Damien Avenues or entering campus from Bonita or Damien Avenues will be cause for disciplinary action possible renovation of driving privileges.
  8. Students are not allowed to be in any parking lot at any time during the school day, break, lunch or between classes.
  9. Student are not allowed to use their cars as lockers.
  10. No scooters, skateboards or motor-scooters are allowed on campus.