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Military - Spartans in the Academies

Damien High School has definitely supported the dreams and goals of its students. In doing so, many young men are forever grateful that Damien gave them the tools to succeed in life, academically and personally. One of those students shared his thoughts in a recent e-mail to Mr. Raymond Nolte, Campus Minister and Teacher:


“…It’s amazing how much of an impact Damien had on me, and I never thought I’d miss it this much. I honestly would give anything to see one of my old teachers (even the ones who their entire class would [grumble] about) walking around in the halls. That place really set me up to get to where I am today, and I would like to thank you again for being a part of it. I think what I benefited the most from (apart from the actual learning about my faith) was the down to earth talks we had as a class. So thank you again for that.”


PGT Galen Quiros

4th Squad, 2nd Platoon India Company, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Regiment

United State Corps of Cadets

Damien Class of 2016


Spartans at United States Military Academies



United States Air Force Academy


The following Spartans graduated from Colorado Springs or are currently attending:


Bobby Wolfe '94

Brandon Maxson '10

Alec Trilles '10

Anthony Rosati '11

Trevor Adkins '13

Ryan Gorski '14

Warren Bryan ‘18

Aaron Garcia '20

Caleb Park '20


United States Military Academy, West Point


Damien High School has the highest number of high school graduates west of the Mississippi who are accepted to West Point. The following Spartans graduated from West Point or are currently attending:


Michael Joseph Soth ’59, Pomona Catholic

John Spiszer ‘80

Daniel Sauter ‘82

David Atkinson ‘83

William Walski ‘85

Philip Boyd ‘86

Michael Odom ‘86

Eugene Wilson ‘87

Patrick Ward ‘88

Matthew Wiger ‘92

Rudy Noriega ‘94

Michael Zievers ‘94

Benjamin Fernandes

Marius Greene ‘96

James Bean ‘94

Scott Patton ‘98

Dominic Spandaro ’98

Jason Alisangco ‘99

David Tompkins ‘00

Martin Martinez ‘01

Ryan Clinton ‘01

Alexander Krause’ 07

Kenneth Leslie ‘09

Kurt Yeager ‘09

Jacob Garcia ‘10

Ryan Norring ‘10

Colin Dorner ‘11

Andrew Borer ‘12

Bryan Wolak ‘12

Kyle Garwick '13

Hayden Ward ‘14

Galen Quiros ‘16

Christopher Gregg ‘16

Jacob Turner ‘18


United States Naval Academy


The following Spartans graduated from Annapolis or are currently attending:


Deglin Kenealy ’85
Alex White ’87
Adam Stone ’91
Jonathan Uyboco ’95
Michael Uyboco ’96
Lt. Von Patrick Fernandes ’98
Mark Heller ’95
Jonathan Royas ’98
Anthony Piunno '02
Mark Belanger '03
Eric Gardiner '04
Tony Yeager '05
Halim Adeimy ’07
Justin Lamascus '09
Corey Maier '13
Matthew Measer '14
Ryan Metz ’19
James Luci ’19


Merchant Marine Academy


The following Spartans graduated from MMA or are currently attending:


Chris Cohn, ’94

Virginia Military Institute


The following Spartans graduated from VMI or are currently attending:


Ryker Convento ’12
Andrew Kelly ’13
Lucas Hidalgo ’15