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Junior Senior Prom 2019 Guidelines


April 7, 2019

Santa Anita Race Track, Arcadia

  • Damien seniors must have all service hours completed in order to attend prom 75 hours by March 11.
  • In addition, students must have all detention hours completed in order to attend prom.
  • No gum is allowed into the facility.
  • Prom begins at 7:30 and ends at 11:30. All students must be at the prom site and checked in at the door by a chaperone by 9:00. Any student who has not been checked in by that time will have their parents contacted to determine their whereabouts. 
  • At no time should students leave the grounds during the prom. No students will be allowed to leave the facility until 11:15 P.M. 
  • All students must be in proper attire. Proper attire includes tuxedo or suit for men and a formal dress for women.  Dresses may not be low cut in front or back. Dresses may not have bare waist. Dresses may not be above the knee. Girls are not allowed to bring large purses.  Appropriateness of the formal attire or dress is at the discretion of the Tri-school administrators.  Anyone violating the dress code will not be allowed to enter and will not receive a refund.
  • Students may bring a date from a school other than Damien High School, St. Lucy’s Priory High School, or Pomona Catholic High School. However, the student is responsible for the actions of their date and their date will be expected to follow the same guidelines (including dress code) as all others attending prom.  No freshmen and nobody 21 or over will be allowed to attend.  Any student from another school who does not turn in a guest pass prior to the event will not be allowed to enter.
  • All rules and regulations regarding conduct applicable to the student while attending school will be enforced during the prom.
  • All students are subject to a search when entering the facility.
  • In order to discourage the use of alcohol, vapes, or illegal substances before or during the dance, students may be randomly screened using AlcoPro saliva test strips and will be searched. In addition, any student or guest who displays obvious symptoms of drinking (odor, slurred speech, awkward movements, etc.) will be tested. Students will also be subject to screening by a canine-detection agency for any illegal substances. Parents will be called for any student/guest who produces a positive test for alcohol, refuses to be tested, or is found to be holding any illegal paraphernalia. Any infractions will be handled in accordance with the disciplinary policies of the individual schools. If the parent does not pick up their son/daughter, they will be turned over to the police.
  • All ticket sales are final. There are no refunds of prom bids nor are students allowed to trade or sell tickets to one another.