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E90 - ESPN: Second Impact Syndrome and Concussion
ESPN Documentary for Preston Plevretes who suffered a concussion, went back to play too early and suffered Second Impact Syndrome. This Syndrome affects athletes under the age of 23. We have a strict concussion management protocol here at Damien High School to keep our athletes safe, avoid Second Impact Syndrome, and stay in compliance with California State Law.  
National Athletic Trainers Association Code of Ethics, Standard of Care Protocols, and other information regarding the athletic training profession.
NFHS Learn - Concussion, Heat Illness and other safety courses
NFHS is an organization for coaches and Athlete Safety. All coaches are required to complete this online concussion training program by California State Law every 2 years. It is a free online course that takes about 30min.
Anyone can sign up and take any of these courses. You do not need to be a coach to sign up to participate. I would recommend all athletes and parents to take the concussion course and understand the seriousness of concussions and the signs and symptoms of one.
Sports Medicine Center Come See our Team Physicians!!! Free Injury Screenings available on Monday and Thursday Evenings and they include x-rays if needed. Physicals are available for $31. They are located at Pomona Valley Hospital in the New Building located at the North end of the Hospital in the Physical Therapy Department. By appointment only. Call 909-865-9810.