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Regiment Volunteer Needs

Description of Damien Spartan Regiment Parent Volunteer Duties

Parent volunteers work together to support the Damien Spartan Regiment in a variety of ways. Parents contribute their individual time and talents to ensure the needs of the Regiment are met. These needs include: football games, competitions, fundraising, miscellaneous events, and ongoing program needs.

Please read the descriptions below for more information about the many ways to get involved:

Football games:  

  • Prepare meals for the entire Regiment taking into account dietary restrictions. Mr. Curci will set a budget that should cover the cost of the main dish for the meal and paper/plastic products, beverages such as powdered lemonade and tea . Generally we ask the band parents and the Damien community through the volunteer hub to donate side dishes and desserts.  

  • The football boosters are usually in the activity center kitchen until around 4:15. Once they are through we will be able to use the kitchen.  

  • We will NOT be able to use the activities center for eating. Tables will need to be set up outside the activities center for the band to eat. Contact Patrick Johnson at to see if maintenance can set up the tables or if parent volunteers are needed.  

  • After the meal is complete all trash bags need to be taken to the dumpster and replaced with fresh trash bags. Coordinate with Patrick Johnson in advance to make sure we have replacement trash bags.  

  • Also need a parent volunteer to set up the stands for the football game. This needs to be done around 5:00. There are cloth bleacher covers that mark the area where the pep band will sit. Also, the area adjacent to the pep band is marked off with caution tape for the band parents.  

  • Also, need a parent volunteer in charge of filling up coolers with bottled water for the pep band to drink during the game and delivering those coolers to the area where the pep band will be sitting.  

  • Bring a volunteer sign in sheet and make sure all volunteers sign in and out.


  • Need to secure a truck and truck driver for the trailer. This can generally be done by posting on the Damien Volunteer Hub. Once we have a volunteer, we need to follow up with the driver to coordinate times and to make sure the person who signed up has a truck big enough to pull the trailer.  

  • Coordinate with Mr Curci to find out how many parent volunteers are needed to help get equipment on and off the field. Generally this will be 6 to 8 people.  

  • Coordinate with Mr. Curci to find out if a meal will be prepared or snacks will be provided. If this is needed then that will need to be coordinated for each event. Find out if there is a budget for food or if donations need to be solicited. In the past we have made sandwiches for some competitions and have had parent volunteers prepare them the night before the competition.  

  • Secure at least one parent volunteer to make sure that at least two coolers, one filled with bottled water and one with bottled Gatorade are loaded into the trailer. Ideally, the drinks should be put in the activities center refrigerator the night before the competition so they will stay cold longer. Also, a drink cooler with water and small Dixie cups should also be loaded into the trailer for competitions.  Bring a volunteer sign in sheet and make sure all volunteers sign in and out.  

  • Make sure we have at least one parent as the designated videographer for each show  

  • Make sure we have at least one parent as the designated photographer for each show.

Fresno State Championship – This weekend competition needs a parent committee to run it. One needs to be in charge of planning meals, another in charge of volunteers, and another to make sure there are adequate chaperones and helpers to get the kids going in the morning for competitions.

Misc ongoing volunteer needs:

  • Sewing/alterations –

    • Need one or two parents to head this up  Sometime during band camp or early in the school year, fit each student into a uniform and coordinate volunteers to make any necessary alterations.  

    • Also may need to help with mending or alterations as the school year progresses

  • Marketing/Promotion  

    • Keep the tri school community abreast of DSR activities by contacting those in charge of announcements at each school to make sure DSR competitions/results are announced  

    • Send pictures of DSR events to the person in charge of each of the tri school’s facebook/instagram/social media for each school to make sure we are represented  

    • Create flyers and make sure there is volunteer presence at the tri school open houses.  

    • Work with Damien to keep the DSR info updated on the Damien main website  

    • Create and publish an e-newsletter keeping current and former band parents up to date on what is happening with the program Communication  

    • Maintain the google group for communication and send out emails as needed by Mr Curci to make sure everyone is informed about schedules, volunteer needs, etc.

  • Photography

    • Need one or two parent volunteers to take pictures at each event and upload them to the share site maintained by Rose Eustaquio

  • Videography –

    • Need one parent volunteer to take video of the show at competitions and upload the video to the share site maintained by Rose Eustaquio

Other DSR Events needing volunteers:

  • End of Camp BBQ –

    • Need one parent to coordinate this. Normally the Regiment pays for Hamburgers and Hot Dogs (and vegetarian equivalents) and everyone contributes sides/salads/desserts according to last name. Need parent volunteers to grill, set up and clean up.

  • Marchothon -

    • Coordinate with Mr. Curci as to any meals that need to be prepared for this event. In the past parents have prepared either a lunch or a dinner depending on when the field was available for the Marchothon.

  • LA County Fair

    • Need a volunteer to head this up. Need to secure a truck driver for the trailer and coordinate parent volunteers to help with hydration while the students are marching in the parade.

  • Christmas Concert and Spring Concert

    • Need at least one parent in charge of each of these events. Duties will include promotion of the concert to the tri school community and coordinating any food as well as ticket sales and donations.

  • Spring Banquet – Need one or two parent volunteers to scout out and reserve a location for our spring banquet. Work with the Damien office to set up an online payment option and collect RSVPs for the event. Also, coordinate with Mr Curci on centerpieces and other aspects he will need help with.


  • Christmas Trees

Need two people to co-chair the running of this fundraiser


  • Create and distribute flyers advertising the sale (Damien will help with the printing)

  • Work with the Damien office to set up the ability to order trees online  

  • Work with the Damien office to promote the sale to the entire Damien community  

  • Set up after mass sales at area churches and coordinate volunteer sign ups. In the past we have done after mass sales at OLA and Holy Name of Mary on Sunday mornings  

  • Track sales to make sure we meet delivery minimums  

  • Coordinate the delivery and distribution of the trees and secure volunteers to help with this

  • SCPA Indoor Drumline Event

Need two people to serve as co-chairs for this event and coordinate with Mr.Curci on volunteer needs  

  • Need chairs for the following events:

    • Food sales

    • Hospitality (for staff and judges)

    • Wristband sales

    • Parking

    • Door Watch

    • Check In/Student Ambassadors

    • Sweets booth (separate from food sales)

    • First Aid  

    • Also, need people to solicit food donations from area businesses starting in December and early January. Need to work with Development at Damien (Lisa Welsh) to secure a letter for tax purposes that can be used when asking for donations.