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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Damien Spartan Regiment?
Contact Regiment Director, Mr. Nick Curci by email at to find out about joining the DSR.

Do I have to be a Damien student to join the DSR?
The Spartan Regiment is a tri-school program open to students of Damien, St. Lucy's Priory, and Pomona Catholic High Schools.

When are tryouts for the fall?
Workshops and tryouts for the 2015-16 season were held in late April, 2015. However, it is not too late to join us! Our various sections (horn line, wood winds, percussions, etc.) will be holding workshops throughout the summer. Contact Mr. Curci for schedules and details.

When is summer band camp?
Our annual summer band camp for all members and sections of the DSR will take place during the last two weeks of July, 2015. All Regiment members are asked to calendar Monday through Friday, July 20th through 31st, 2015 for this important skill building and rehearsal time. 

How do I get more information about the Damien Spartan Regiment?
Contact the DSR Parent Coordinator Julie Smith at 909-257-5955 or by email at

How do I show my support for the Regiment?
This comprehensive music program thrives on the support of families, friends, and community members. Our performing artists deeply appreciate seeing and hearing cheers and encouragement from the stands. Additionally, our program can use every available offer of assistance for things such as:
  • Regular attendance at our DSR parent meetings to stay informed of upcoming events and program needs
  • Preparing and serving pre-performance meals to feed the Regiment
  • Transportation of students and equipment to competitions
  • Basic sewing skills to hem, alter and repair performance uniforms, flags and more
  • Financial support to help the Regiment purchase new uniforms, a trailer to transport band equipment, and other needs as our program continues to grow
All help is greatly appreciated and will be counted toward your Damien, St. Lucy's or Pomona Catholic volunteer hours.