Class of 2021 October Newsletter

As we move further into the application season, we will use these newsletters to provide (mostly) new information to the Class of 2021 and their parents.


We will end each newsletter with just a couple of repeats/reminders from prior newsletters, so that we minimize re-reading. Although these “reminder” sections will be clearly indicated by headings at the end of each newsletter, we would like to remind you that it is a good idea to review prior newsletters in their entirety, or to have them at hand for referral, to ensure you have not overlooked anything.


New Information for October


Seniors: Early Action (EA), Early Decision (ED), and Restrictive Early Action (REA) Deadline Reminders


The following applies to all Teacher Recommendations and School Reports (sometimes called Counselor Recommendations) due on or before 11/15:


See instructions on pp. 2, 13 – 14 of the College Handbook:

  • You should have requested Teacher Recommendations from faculty and the School Report (SR) from your counselor by 10/1. (This means you are late if you have not already done so.)
  • You should have sent email, listing the schools and deadlines, to teachers (from Naviance) and to your counselor (from your Damien email account) by 10/1. (This means you are late if you have not already done so.)

College Representative Virtual Visits


College representative visits are a great way to find-out the latest information from the admissions office. We highly encourage students to make every possible effort to attend these visits.


Moreover, it is generally the case for private colleges that the representative hosting the visit will be the admissions officer primarily responsible for determining a student’s admissions decision. Therefore, a visit from a college to which a student plans to apply is one not to be missed. See p. 42 of the College Handbook for further details on what to do before, during, and after a visit, to make the greatest impact.


We schedule visits for lunch time and after school only, which maximizes the chance that students will have few, if any, conflicts.


A (slightly modified) version of the email below was sent to all seniors (through Google Classroom) on September 16:


This year, college representative visits will be conducted virtually, and they begin the week of September 21:


You must register for visits in Naviance, which is very easy to do:

  1. Login to Naviance
  2. From the home page, click on the 'Colleges' link, in the upper, right-hand part of the page and then scroll down and click on the 'Research Colleges' link
  1. On the next menu, click 'College Visits' Notice: You will see a list of all the scheduled college visits.

All you need to do in order to attend a visit is to click on the 'Register' link (to the far right of the visit information).


On the day and at the time of the visit, return to this page and click on 'View Details' and you will see the Zoom (or other platform) link to use to attend the meeting.


You’re ready to enter the virtual visit.


Advanced tip: If you have a college listed in either your 'Colleges I’m applying to' or 'Colleges I’m thinking about' lists, you will automatically be sent an email if a college on either of your lists schedules a visit to Damien. You will still need to register for the visit, but if your lists are complete, you will never miss a visit, because you will always get a reminder email to register if or when your college schedules a visit.


Please Keep Appointments with College Representative and Counselors


If a student makes an appointment, either with his counselor or with a college representative, we ask them to keep the appointment. Aside from the matter of simple courtesy, this year, in particular, it is a challenge to set-up a contact, and students should realize that it may be difficult to secure another appointment as soon as they might wish, given the complexity of everyone’s calendars.


NCAA Registration for Division I and Division II Student-Athletes


Students who wish to participate in NCAA Division I or Division II athletics in college must make an appointment with our NCAA Counselor, Mr. Chris Beck, in order to verify that the student has met the NCAA course and GPA minimums for collegiate athletics. See p. 36 of the College Handbook for further details.


Video Recordings Currently Available on Google Classroom


The following recorded presentations are current available on Google Classroom:


- College Night for Seniors


            - Part I: Foundations of the College Application Process

            - Part II: Financial Considerations Involved in Applying to College

            - Part III: Common Application Overview


- Financing College


            - FAFSA Tutorial Video


- Common Application Workshop


            - Part I: Common Application and Naviance Matching

            - Part II: Common Application Letter of Recommendation Process


 Upcoming Video Recordings and Live Presentations


Upcoming live presentations (all of which will be recorded and available in Google Classroom 24 – 48 hours after the live presentation) and recordings, will include the list of topics below.


Students should check their email daily for the dates and times of these Workshops. Live Workshop sessions will also be posted in the Daily Announcements, which can be accessed on the Damien Website each morning.


- College Night for Seniors (Recording)


            - Part IV: Applying to State College Systems in California


- Common Application Workshop (Recording)


            - Part III: The Rest of the Common App


- UC Application Workshop (all in one presentation – live, that will be recorded)


- CSU Application Workshop (all in one presentation – live, that will be recorded)


FAFSA Workshop – October 14th, 6:30 pm


Damien is partnering with an outside consultant, Tuition Gateway, to provide a virtual FAFSA Completion Workshop, which will be held over Zoom on Wednesday, October 14th at 6:30 pm. This organization has held successful workshops with over a dozen other schools in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. We have as the goal for the evening the completion of the FAFSA application.


Please watch your email for further details of, and requirements for, this event.


College Handbook and Checklists


Students and parents are strongly encouraged to thoroughly review the elements of the College Handbook (mailed home last month).


The overwhelming majority of questions students (and parents) have about the details (the real nitty gritty) of the college application process are addressed in the Handbook.


Most of the questions that have been addressed to counselors so far this year are answered in the pages of the Handbook. Please make use of this useful tool. More than ever, the Handbook can save you valuable time in your efforts, and the checklists included in the Handbook can help you make sure that no mission-critical elements are missed.