IB Diploma Programme Testimonials

IB and Succeeding in College:

IB doesn't get you into college and neither does AP, you get yourself into college.  What IB does do to is prepare you for college in a way that no other curriculum could, by giving you college-style classes, homework, workload and research papers.  IB is for students who want success after they get into the school of their choice, and believe me, if you really want one of the best schools in the country, you'll need all the help you can get.

-Kevin Bai, IB Class of 2014, Diamond Bar High School

I chose to do IB primarily because I wanted to be challenged academically. My sister had been in the IB program so I knew that it was a hard but do-able program. As a sophomore quite honestly I wasn’t really thinking about what I would get out of my academics, but I ended up getting a lot out of IB, in terms of critical thinking and writing skills and actually thinking about why and how we learn what we do in school. I would definitely say the best part of the IB program was learning to ask the bigger picture questions. It was so much more than just memorizing and regurgitating facts. It was thinking about why we learned what we did and how to think about what we were learning in a bigger context. It really opened my mind about education and academia in a lot of ways, and I am very thankful for that. College is really a lot about being able to analytically argue a specific point of view or opinion and being able to connect what you are learning to many different disciplines. IB really prepared me to think in the way that college professors often ask me to think. Also the information I learned was very helpful in my college classes especially in IB Chemistry and Calculus because those classes in college were more of a review then new material. And college professors don’t hold your hand the way IB teachers at Guerin do so it was much better to learn that information in IB then in college.

-Kaitlyn Kennedy, Class of 2013, Bishop Guerin High School, University of Notre Dame

Regardless of being an AP or IB student (or neither for that regard), the most successful college student is the ambitious and hardworking one. That being said, the IB program offers one thing that I think the AP courses do not offer: writing skills. With all the (painful) Internal and External assessments, as well as the EE in particular, the IB student will learn how to write properly, which is an essential skill used throughout the rest of one's life. I'm not talking about just humanities majors or what not, but all other majors, including mathematics, business, and science majors as well. Being able to write well makes professors, employers, and peers take them seriously in any of their future ambitions. This is why it is so important to improve one's writing skills as early on (or late) as their junior and senior high school years, and for this reason alone, I would definitely recommend the IB program.

-Ben Sayawat Class of 2010, Diamond Bar High School

Testimonials from colleges:

"The University of Washington encourages and applaudes students who have chosen International Baccalaureate (IB) courses as part of their high school curriculum. These courses are challenging and demanding, and we believe they provide excellent preparation for university study."   http://admit.washington.edu/Admission/Freshmen/College/IB

"There is no other curriculum anywhere that does a superior job of both educating students and inspiring a true and broad-based love of learning."

William Shain - speaking about the IB Curriculum
Dean of Undergraduate Admission
Vanderbilt University

"Send us prepared students a la IB...It is the best high school prep curriculum an American school can offer."

Marilee Jones
Director of Undergraduate Admission
Massachusetts Institute of Technology






Debra Von Bargen

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Admission

Stanford University