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Exam Registration

Assessment in IB is comprehensive, fair, and unique in that it is criteria-driven, not “normed” like most others. While there are end-of-the-course comprehensive exams (like AP course assessment), what distinguishes IB assessment is that work done over the course of the class also contributes to students’ final IB grades (Internal Assessments), often in the form of student-selected individual research papers/projects. Consequently, assessment in IB gives a more comprehensive picture of a student’s overall work in the class. Unfortunately, this means that IB assessment does cost a fair bit more than AP exams.

Students enrolled in IB courses who wish to gain recognition from the IB for their work will need to register to take IB exams for May of 2018. The assessments/exams are an integral part of the IB experience and students should carefully consider the impression being made to universities when they take IB courses, but do not complete the assessments. Though expensive, the benefits can be both practical and personal. In some cases, just like AP courses, students can earn college credit and/or placement out of certain freshmen year courses by doing well on the assessments. There is also the personal sense of satisfaction students can get from seeing the process all the way through. For these reasons, please consider signing up for your exams in May 2018.

Fees for May 2018 (will be charged through FACTS)

Certificate students: $172 (reg fee) + $116 (per exam) = $288.
This year the school will offer some assistance and reduce this cost to $193 dollars, a $95 reduction.
One exam, therefore, will cost the student $193.
Two exams, therefore, will cost the student $193 + $116 = $309.
Full DP candidates with registration, all exams and core fees: $800.

Students must register for May 2018 IB exams by Thursday, January 11. Students registering after January 11,2018 will be charged an additional $100 late fee.

Please complete the form below. Submit form to Mr. Mahon no later than Thursday, January 11, 2018.