2016-2018 Course Selection

Full Diploma Program candidates must choose SIX classes from the choices below, one from each of the six areas.  Three courses are to be at Higher Level (HL) and three are to be at Standard Level (SL).  The Theory of Knowledge course (TOK) is required of all full diploma candidates.  Full diploma candidates are also required to take full year religion classes in their junior and senior years. 



  • HL courses are full two-year courses.
  • Math SL is over two years.
  • Other SL courses will require the use of 12 additional X-period, early dismissal days, to meet IB time requirements.
  • Students not wishing to pursue the Full Diploma can take any one or more of the courses below as “certificate” courses (a.k.a. ala carte).
Language A  
Area 1
Language and Literature:  English HL
(Choices for international students):
  • Language and Literature: English SL
  • Literature:  Mandarin SL/HL (supported self-study)


Language B  
Area 2    
Spanish SL
French SL    
German SL  
Mandarin SL
  • (HL also available: see current World Language teacher) 

For students requiring an additional period in the daily schedule to accommodate courses in PLTW, Music and/or Debate.  Students can have little to no previous experience with the language to be studied:

French ab initio
Spanish ab initio
Mandarin ab initio
Additional costs are involved in taking IB approved online courses, both in term of time (as much as any other IB class) and money (approx. $1000 per year). 

** Note: International students doing two Language A courses are not required to take a Language B course (for example: Mandarin HL and English SL or HL)



Individuals & Societies    
Area 3
History Route 2: the Americas HL

(Option best suited for international students):

  • History Route 2: the Americas SL



Experimental Sciences 
Area 4
Biology HL (two years)
Sports, Exercise and Health Science SL (one year w/ X-periods)



Area 5

Mathematics SL       

  • (Year 1:  Honors Pre-Calculus)
  • (Year 2:  Calculus AB)                                  

 Mathematics HL      

  • (Year 1: Honors Pre-Calculus)
  • (Year 2: Calculus ABC)



Fine Arts
Area 6

Visual Arts SL/HL  

  • (Both SL and HL are two year courses, with SL using X-periods in year 2 for portfolio development)

Film SL                      

  • (One or two year course with X-periods required)



Note:  In lieu of an Area 6 Fine Arts course, students may opt to take one of the following course options available in Areas 1 – 5. Choices below are from Area 3, Individuals and Societies:



  • World Religions SL (one year with X-periods)
  • Psychology SL (one year with X-periods)


  • Business and management SL/HL 
  • Economics SL/HL
  • Information Technology in a Global Society SL/HL
  • Philosophy SL

*Additional costs are involved in taking IB approved online courses, both in term of time (as much as any other IB class) and money (approx. $1000 per year). 


Theory of Knowledge
Core Req. 

Year One:        

  • Semester 1: Gov/AP Gov.  
  • Semester 2: TOK              .            

Year Two:        

  • Semester 1: TOK              
  • Semester 2:  Econ/AP Econ