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College Counseling

The college search, selection, and application process is one of the most important projects you will complete during high school. It is important to remember the goal of the process is to find the school that is the best FIT for your particular academic, social, and personal needs and goals.


There are a lot of elements in the application process, which can make it seem overwhelming at times. With the proper planning and ownership of the process, however, you should have no trouble completing the work necessary to complete your applications successfully.


There are several foundational elements in the process, which you should always strive to keep in mind. These elements are that:

  • You, the student, must own the process. This means you should fill-out the applications, you should keep your Naviance account up-to-date, and you should take the lead in everything.
  • Since you are the owner of your process, if you have questions on any of your applications or on any portion of the process, counselors will expect you to come in to ask questions in person. It is much easier to answer questions if you login to your applications and you and a counselor can address the questions specifically and individually.

The process is best viewed as consisting of three distinct, but ultimately related, parts:

  • Search: This is the first, investigative step. The purpose of this step is to research schools in search of those that are the best FIT.
  • Selection: This is the exercise of narrowing-down the schools you have researched into a manageable number of schools to which you have selected to submit applications.
  • Application: This is the final step in the process, which consists of doing: filling-out applications, writing personal statements and supplements (as necessary), sending test scores, getting teacher recommendations, and paying fees.