Christian Service » Service Requirements, Policies & Procedures for Classes 2018, 2019, 2020

Service Requirements, Policies & Procedures for Classes 2018, 2019, 2020

Christian Service Policy

Updated 8/10/2017


What is Christian Service?

Christian Service is any service given through an agency, organization, or institution that is “not-for-profit” and whose mission is service/need-oriented. Service must directly or indirectly benefit the larger community, and must receive NO monetary compensation. Christian Service is done with the Christian spirit of love; with compassion, empathy, selflessness, cheer, humility, and passion.

Christian Service is NOT work done “for free,” for neighbors, parents, family, friends, family businesses or practices, or “for profit” companies.


How do I record a completed Christian Service project?


Christian Service Contract must be submitted to the Christian Service office for each Christian Service project undertaken by students. Service hours not recorded via the Christian Service Contract WILL NOT be recorded towards the graduation requirement.

Students are responsible for submitting a contract at the completion of each project and must be submitted within two weeks of completion. See Mr. Patten for exceptions.

*Service hours submitted via a Christian Service Contract will be subject to verification by the Christian Service Coordinator prior to being recorded towards the graduation requirement.*

**Any project that is falsely recorded will not be counted and will be reported to the Deans for disciplinary action**


Where do I find my Christian Service totals on Aeries?

Christian Service hour totals can now be viewed on Aeries under STUDENT INFO and AWARDS AND ACTIVITIES. Christian Service will be keyed in as 201-204 Christian Service. Total only these entries to get your total hours completed. Hours are updated roughly every two weeks.


What are the different categories of Christian Service accepted?

Category 1        Agencies or organizations where service involves a direct relationship with individuals in need (food pantry, soup kitchen, shelter, hospital, clinic, convalescent/retirement/rehabilitation home, etc.) 

Category 2        Education (tutoring, classroom assistance, coaching, walks, fundraising, etc.) 

Category 3  Public Agencies or organizations where service involves a direct or indirect experience with the community (libraries, parks and recreation, City Hall, Fire Dept., etc.) 

Category 4        Damien/Faith Community (campus-based projects, church/parish activities, etc.) 


What is the Christian Service Graduation Requirement?

A minimum of 100 Christian service hours is required for graduation and must be completed by each student prior to graduation.

Students are encouraged to complete a minimum of 25 hours by the end of each school year. Students who have failed to complete the minimum 25 hours by the last day of the school year areoued to complete remaining hours during summer break and prior to the first day of the next school year. 

**Seniors must have 75 hours completed by the beginning of their senior year. The senior graduation requirement must be completed by Easter Break.**


Any dispute concerning service hours must be submitted via email to the Christian Service Coordinator at