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The Damien Way of Serving and Learning

‘Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.’ -- Matthew 25:40

Christian Service Learning: In the spirit of St. Damien


Damien High School embraces a Christian Service-Learning Program that is a hybrid of both individual service hours (20 per year, 80 total by graduation) and participation in specific service projects sponsored by the school.  Teaching the students to “Serve in the Spirit of St. Damien” is our ultimate goal for adopting this service model. 


Each year we will roll out a series of grade level thematic service projects that will be rooted in our Theology curriculum and tied into the school's retreat program. The purpose is to introduce our community to a way of life that emulates the example set by St. Damien. Students are also expected to seek out and track their own service (through their Aeries account) in areas where they find a great need or of their own personal interest.


How many hours am I currently responsible for right now?

The Senior class of 2021 will be responsible for completing 20 service hours to satisfy their graduation requirements. The Junior class of 2022 will be expected to perform 40 hours, the Sophomore class of 2023, 60 hours, and the Freshman class of 2024 and every Freshman class thereafter, will be responsible for completing 20 hours every year of direct or indirect service as a graduation requirement totaling 80 hours by the end of their senior year. 


How will Covid-19 affect Christian service projects?

As to the school sponsored projects. Given the current Covid-19 conditions we are all working under, direct service projects sponsored by the school will be posted for the second semester (2021) possibly sooner as the opportunities become available to perform them. Please listen to the school’s announcements or check back regularly under our “service projects” tab for available opportunities. Currently we have posted a document of virtual volunteering and other limited/no-contact service ideas that if documented properly, will be counted for service hours. 



For more information or questions on or how you might support our program, please contact Doug Hoffman, Coordinator of Christian Service Learning at [email protected]