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A New Way of Serving and Learning

Damien High School is embarking on a new Christian Service-Learning Program, “Serving in the Spirit of St. Damien.” This new way of doing service at Damien will be piloted to our freshmen class beginning 2017-2018. Each year we will roll out a new grade level of thematic service learning, always rooted to their Theology curriculum. The purpose is to introduce our new Spartans to a way of life, a life that emulates the example set by St. Damien. 
So, the big question is, "What about their 100 hours?" The freshman class of 2021 and every freshmen class thereafter, will no longer be doing "100 hours" as a graduation requirement. The new graduation requirement for freshmen 2021 and thereafter will be our new and improved Christian Service-Learning Program.
For more information or how you can support this new program, please contact Ray Nolte, Director of Christian Service Learning,
The following video was produced, directed and edited by Spartans during the 2018-19 academic year.
Origin of helping the homeless and the Sunday tradition of breakfast burritos to feed those in need: