Welcome Spartan Brothers!

During your years at Damien High School, you were provided with a foundation of values: spiritual, intellectual, physical and social to enable you to properly mature, to become a confident individual able to actively participate and contribute to the world in a vast number of ways.
We often speak of the proud tradition of Damien High School, proud in every aspect. Each of you in your own special way contributed and have become a part of what is Damien and continues to be. While your years at Damien rapidly concluded, Spartan pride continues with each of you throughout all aspects of your life.
Through our office, it is our hope that the newsletter and social events keeps you informed about the happenings of past/current Spartans academically, personally, and professionally. If you need assistance with a reunion, information on attending an event, or simply want to come visit and say hello, please feel free to reach out any time. Damien has a variety of alumni such as you that allow it to continue to flourish and groom current students to the path of success through the Spartan Way.
“We’ll Return Again”