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Campus Technology

Technology is an integral part of the Damien High School program. The ability to use technology to its fullest will help your son succeed at Damien, in college, at work, and in many other facets of life. Damien’s technology program has greatly expanded over the past few years. The technology currently on campus and planned for the near future emulates that of a college campus not the typical high school campus.


The Damien technology experience includes both the students and the parents, and extends from the campus to your home. We use an online system to integrate parents into the life at Damien. This system will allow parents to check on how their son is doing. As a parent, you will be able to log into your account through the internet and find out what homework assignments your son has completed, what grades he received, what he has due next week, tuition balances, attendance, and more.


There are five computer labs located on campus with plans for building several more. The campus has a wireless “Wi-Fi” network. This network allows any student or teacher with a laptop to access the school network and the internet from anywhere on campus. The wireless network covers every corner of the campus allowing students the freedom to work anywhere on campus.


The computer lab in the library and the computer lab in the 600 building contain over 36 Pentium III computers each. All of which are connected through a T1 line to the Internet. All students have their own user account to use on any computer on campus. This allows students to save their work and continue at another location. The library is one of the main places that students use the new wireless system, allowing them to access the school network and internet through their laptop. All Internet traffic on campus filters through our high tech servers upstairs. The library is our main center for computers on campus, and a place where many students spend their time.


We also have a computer lab in the art building with 10 computers. The use of this lab integrates with art classes. Students work with computer graphics, computer aided design (CAD) programs, and more.


We have computer labs for the school’s newspaper and yearbook classes.