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Academic Awards


Christopher Currie
Teng (Simon) Fei
Stephen Gaylor
Andrew McCarson
Pavan Mody
Jonathan Pai
Mark Sayegh

Spartan of the Year: This award is determined by a majority vote of the varsity coaches. Multiple winners may be recognized.

Warren Bryan

Scholar-Athletes of the Year: This award is determined by the Curriculum Committee and is awarded to the senior varsity athlete with the best combination of athletic and academic achievement. Multiple winners may be recognized.

Evan Crockett
Christopher Hogan
Andrew McCarson
Outstanding Student: Each student nominated for an individual subject award receives points. Outstanding Student plaques for the freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior classes are awarded to the student with the highest total of individual subject ranking points in each grade level. Multiple winners may be recognized.

Senior of the Year
Pavan Mody

Junior of the Year
Anthony Ebiner

Sophomores of the Year
Nico Faltisco

Freshmen of the Year
Michael Josh Quilang

Individual Subject Awards: Students who excel in particular subjects are honored for their achievement. To determine award winners, departments select the top students in each course offered. Through discussion, the top five students in each subject are ranked. These rankings are submitted to the Curriculum Committee, which determines the final winners. Every effort is made to distribute the awards to the highest-ranked student in any individual subject area. However, a student is limited to winning only one subject award.

Algebra 1 – Nathanial Romero
AP Calculus AB – Yong Jun Lee
Beginning Band – Masen Scales
Biology 9 – Julian Violette
Chinese 1 – Jacob Dueno
Cinematic Arts 1 – Luis Cambero
English 1 – Haoxuan Li
French 1 – R. Julian Bagay
German 1 – Aidan Salazar
Health – Nthan Camacho
Honors Algebra 2 – Simon Nasser
Honors Biology – Ian Reardon Ramos
Honors Debate 9 – Brendan Tremblay
Honors English 1 – Michael Josh Quilang
Honors Geometry – Christopher Korban
Introducton to Design – Matthew Luci
Introduction to Visual Arts – Adrian Figueroa
Music Appreciation – Ryan Musharbash
Percussion Ensemble – Ty Vanderlinden
Spanish 1 – Alan Huizar
Speech 9 – Pablo Aristizabel
Theater Arts – Alexander Zamora
Theology 1 – Kobe Goodermont
Theology ESL – Geon (Daniel) Hwangbo

Advanced Art – Bryan Gavin
AP Art History – Isaac Nieto
AP Biology – Jui-Chun (Vincent) Lin
AP Calculus BC – Letu (Lancelot) Wang
AP European History – Alex Hernandez
Chemistry in the Community – Andrew Starks
Chinese 2 – Kyle Martinich
Cinematic Arts 2 – Blake Boucher
Debate 10 – Tristan Bato
English 2 – Aiden Serna
ESL – Huy (Jordan) Tran
French 2 – Izak Arias
German 2 – Justin Markstrom
Honors Chemistry – Khang (Kaden) Vo
Honors English 2 – Maxwell Burlew
Honors Geometry – Fernando Huerta
Introduction to Computer Science & Game Design – Joshua Berkessel
Jazz Band – Jomei Greer
Principles of Engineering
Spanish 2 – Steven Rodgers
Theology 2 – Kyler Magsino
World History – Michael Gruppie

Algebra 2 – Tsunlung (Ken) Huang
American Literature – Andres Santos
Anatomy & Physiology – Jordan Bacani
AP Computer Science – Simon Pike
AP English Language – Joseph Ceccarelli
AP French – Ryan Barajas
AP German – Kamryn McCondichie
AP Human Geography – Kevin Tessier
AP Physics 1 – Tifeng (Kotoi) Wu
AP Psychology – Anthony Tarakji
AP Spanish – Riley Olsen
AP Studio Art – Rochus Ismail Sison
AP U.S. History – Derek Perez
Chemistry – Matthew Trauscht
Chinese 3 – Thomas Ku
Creative Writing – Logan Granados
Digital Electronics – Anthony Vinci
French 3 – Jacob Coleman
German 3 – Anthony Ebiner
Honors Pre-Calculus – Bohan (Simba) Zhao
IB Language & Literature-HL 1 – Tyler Pugmire
Physics – Trevor Goodenough
Pre-Calculus – Ched Popov
Spanish 3 – Dylan McKenzie
Theology 3 – Jared Flejter
U.S. History – Devin Escobedo

Advanced Debate 11-12 – Dylan Johnson
AP Chemistry – Jonthan Pai
AP Computer Science A – Joseph Ortiz
AP Economics – Pavan Mody
AP English Language (12)
AP English Literature – Christopher Hogan
AP Environmental Science – Myung Hoon (Leo) Lee
AP Government – Yitzak Molina-Romo
AP Government/Economics
AP Physics 2 – Henry Gardner
AP Statistics – Stephen Gaylor
Athletic Training – Gunner Daunis
Christian Leadership – Jeremy Mog
Comparative Religions – Xian Jacob Martin
Composition & Rhetoric – John Lopez
Differential Equations – Christopher Currie
Earth Science – Benjamin Oden
Economics – Sean Aguilar
Engineering Design & Development – Evan Crockett
Government – Christopher Estevez
Hero's Journey – Oscar Mercado
History of the Church – Joseph Banuelos
IB History of the Americas – Ethan Chan
IB Language & Literature-HL 2 – Zachary Fong
IB Spanish Language B SL – Marcio Fallah
IB Visual Arts – Anthony Espinoza
Introduction to College Math – Landon Terriquez
Introduction to Sports Medicine – Luke Waldschmitt
Journalism – Jacob Turner
Photography – Diego Barrera
Principals of Engineering – Joshua Villasis
Social Justice – Nicholas Vasquez
Yearbook – Brian Gutierrez
Saint Damien Senior Excellence Awards: These awards are presented to senior students who have achieved the following:
1. A 3.6 cumulative GPA through the 7th semester
2. Achievement of at least two of the following criteria, in their senior year: a varsity letter earned in a sport; a member of the varsity debate team; a member of the Mock Trial team; a ASB or Senior Class Officer; a Kairos retreat leader; an Editor-In-Chief of the Laconian or the Spartiate; a member of the Jazz Band, Marching Band or Percussion Ensemble; an active Spartan Ambassador; a member of the cast or cew of a Damien drama production; a winner of an Archdiocesan Christian Service Award; a Baseline League Outstanding Student; a member of the Robotics team; An active member of the Sports Medicine Club.

Joseph Abdalla
Joshua Alvarez
Ronnie Anabi
Max Balderas
Jack Birchler
Warren Bryan
Ethan Chan
Colin Coppock
Dominic Cortes
Evan Crockett
Christopher Currie
Seth Davis
Zachary Fong
Henry Gardner
Stephen Gaylor
Ruizhe (Apple) Jin
Myung Hoon Lee
Nathan Lopez
Andrew McCarson
Oscar Mercado
Damien Meza
Pavan Mody
Jeremy Mog
Christian Olson
Joseph Ortiz
Adrian Rivas
Justin Romero
Lorenzo Scaturchio
Simon Sullivan
Jiaxing (Robert) Tian
Ryan Terlip
Jacob Turner
Lorenzo Blas Villalva
Luke Wadschmitt
Michael Ward
Matthew Windross
David Woo
Brian Zozaya

Outstanding Senior Scholars: These awards are presented to all seniors who have a GPA of 4.0 through seven (7) semesters.

Sean Aguilar
Manuel Paulo Alejo
Ronnie Anabi
Joaquin Ayala
Max Balderas
Joshua Barcenas
Jacob Barcenas
Jacob Bivens
William Bourbois
Andrew Caudillo
Ethan Chan
Evan Crockett
Christopher Currie
Alejandro De Loera
William Dennis
Teng (Simon) Fei
Zachary Fong
Henry Gardner
Stephen Gaylor
Cade Gunstream
Joe Haddad
Patrick Haggerty
Paya Hatam
Christopher Hogan
Dylan Johnson
Quinn Lawson
Myung Hoon (Leo) Lee
Kuan (Steve) Ling
Jacob Longo
Sebastian Mas
Kanoa Matton
Andrew McCarson
Oscar Mercado
Marty Mitchell
Pavan Mody
Yitzak Molino-Romo
Joseph Ortiz
Jonthan Pai
Federico Parres
Wolfgang Ries
Justin Romero
Georgio Rouhana
Sangyoon (Daniel) Ryu
Adam San Miguel
Mark Sayegh
Brandon Sookdeo
Simon Sullivan
Jiaxing (Robert) Tian
Joshua Villasis
Luke Waldschmitt
Matthew Windross
Benjamin Wolfe
David Woo
Justin Wright
Brian Zozaya
Baseline League Outstanding Students: students must excel in such areas as scholarship, school, leadership, community and a variety of extra-curricular activities. Only five from each school are awarded. They represent the finest qualities of our Baseline League’s senior class.

Warren Bryan
Evan Crockett
Christopher Currie
Elijah McCullough
Jacob Turner