Greetings from Our Administrators

Welcome from the President...
The age in which we live demands the complete development of the uniqueness of each individual in all his God-given talents. Damien is dedicated to the task of leaving our students with an all-pervasive Christian consciousness, whereby each student can integrate all branches of learning - material and spiritual, practical and moral, scientific and religious. Damien provides the foundation from which will emerge the truly confident and integrated Christian who will actively and courageously participate in the life of the world.
Fr. Peadar Cronin Head Shot
Rev. Peadar Cronin, SS.CC.

Welcome from the Principal...
Thank you for the interest in Damien High School, a unique, caring, challenging educational environment dedicated especially to meet the learning needs of high school boys. The "Damien Experience" is one shared among tens of thousands of faithful Spartan alumni. We hope that in your investigation into what that actually means, you will find an extraordinary college preparatory opportunity, a brotherhood experience second to none, a commitment to lifelong service that helps develop the whole person, and a wide variety of leadership opportunities in our House System as well as athletics and activities that equip Damien Spartans to be leaders of tomorrow. All of this is offered in a faith-filled environment that truly prepares a Damien graduate for the future and beyond.
Dr. Merritt Hemenway Head Shot
Merritt Hemenway, Ph.D.