Damien High School

Online Academy Overview

Damien High School Online Academy (DHSOA) is a unique service that Damien High School is pleased to offer students who need to remediate a grade in English and/or Social Science.


DHSOA allows students to further their educational goals from anywhere through a completely online interface.


All DHSOA courses are taught by Damien High School teachers using the U.C. approved APEX software program. 

 Current Damien Students - Please note the following DHSOA policies and procedures (the following policies do not apply to non-Damien students):

  • Current Damien students may enroll in DHSOA only to remediate English and Social Science grades (making up a "D" or "F" earned in English and Social Science courses).
  • Damien students seeking credit recovery through DHSOA must complete all online coursework prior to the start of the 2016-17 school year (all DHSOA courses are student-paced).
  • By default, the DHSOA online interface allows students up to 9 weeks to complete 5 unit courses and 18 weeks to complete 10 unit courses, however, Damien students must complete all online coursework prior to the start of the 2016-17 school year, regardless of the DHSOA registration date.  
  • Current Damien students should allow an ample amount of time for the completion of online courses and are encouraged to register and begin DHSOA coursework accordingly. 

 Damien High School Online Academy - CLICK HERE for Registration Information