Damien High School

Spartans Care Emergency Fund


In one instant, our lives can change dramatically. An unexpected car accident, cancer diagnosis and a layoff from a job are examples of hardships that can become turning points for students, forever altering the course of their lives. This is why we’re introducing the Spartans Care Emergency Fund, a way for the Damien community to join together to help those in need. We believe all students should have the chance to see what they can achieve when the Damien community stands behind them to help them through a difficult time. 


Take the Mandala family, for example.  Christopher Mandala graduated in 1981 and was happy when his eldest child Victor enrolled as a freshman at Damien.   The Mandalas' life changed on November 10 when an unlicensed driver struck Chris' car, leaving him with a traumatic brain injury.  Chris suffers from excruciating pain every day and is unable to handle lights or sounds. Since he is self-employed, he has been forced to close his business until he recovers.  His son Victor, being very close to his dad, is struggling to cope with the stress of his father's injury while maintaining his studies at Damien.  Rachel Mandala, Victor's mom, is working tirelessly to assure her husband receives the best medical care possible and is currently fighting with the insurance company to assure he receives his pain management medication. Through this all, the family is now worried about the financial drain of the car accident and the ability for Victor to continue on at Damien.


The Spartans Care Emergency Fund is a new fund that will provide financial assistance to Damien families like the Mandalas who encounter temporary financial hardships from an emergency situation, crisis or catastrophic event. The purpose is for students to receive immediate financial support to help them during the unexpected circumstance so they may continue with their education and get the assistance they need. Recipients will be selected by a Committee appointed by school administrators. We invite you to join us as we support the Mandalas and others who may face an unexpected crisis in the future.