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Remembering Cameron Mitchell '15

Cameron Mitchell lost a long battle with a brain tumor while a student at Damien High School on June 1, 2013-- seven days before his 16th birthday. Many want to ensure that Cameron is forever remembered, especially this year, when he would have graduated from high school. Throughout his fight, he always found joy and fun in life. Cameron had many passions, primarily his academics and service towards others. Although faced with adversity, Cameron never let his trouble phase him. He was always surrounded by friends and continued to do well in his school work. He exemplified leadership and was a role model.

"Never take things for granted. Touch things, rub things, examine things...Take time out of every moment to appreciate it. Smell things, lick things, use your five senses... Do! Think! Participate! Cooperate! Listen! Build!.... Take your time and savor things; you never know when life is going to deal you a bad card." 
 -Cameron Mitchell

The Cameron Mitchell Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a junior each year who:
  • Expresses a love of learning
  • Faced adversity in their life
  • Satisfactory academic standing
  • Is well respected by peers and faculty
  • Personify the philosophy of "service above self" and is involved in his community
  • Exemplifies himself as a man of service, scholarship and faith
  • Demonstrated school spirit and good sportsmanship