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Affiliated with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of the Los Angeles, Damien High School promotes the intellectual, physical, and spiritual development of its students through instruction, fellowship, and prayer.  Inspired by the exemplary commitment of St. Damien of Molokai, faculty and staff join parents, as primary educators, to prepare our young men for the demands of college and the challenges of adulthood.


An all-boys Archdiocesan Catholic high school, Damien’s primary mission is to teach as Jesus did.  This mission, according to the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, calls on faculty to integrate in their teaching the fourfold dimensions of Catholic education: message, community, worship, and service.  While acknowledging the tasks of education as belonging primarily to the parents, Damien views itself as sharing the responsibility and seeks to perform its services in partnership with the parents.  Damien fulfills this ministry by helping the students realize their spiritual, intellectual, moral, physical, and social potential.  This ministry enables the individual to become a confident, self-disciplined Christian who actively participates in the life of the world.

The total school program, especially the religion curriculum, faculty witness, retreats and liturgies, promotes the spiritual growth of Damien students.  Within the Catholic tradition, students develop recognition of self-worth and the dignity of others.  They learn the understanding and tolerance needed in a pluralistic society.  They also become aware of their obligations to individuals and to the community through the internalization of sound values.  Students find opportunities to develop their unique talents and to use those talents to assist and to enrich the lives of others.  The school family lives as members of a caring Christian community in an atmosphere of mutual support and trust.

The faculty and staff of Damien High School provide the students with opportunities to acquire the knowledge and develop the abilities necessary to prepare for the future.  The emphasis in the curriculum is college preparatory.  Upon graduation, a student has acquired a broad-based knowledge of basic subject matter in required and elective courses.  Beyond the subject matter, students also learn to analyze, understand and solve problems, and express their ideas in a clear and meaningful fashion.

Through both the senior advisor program and the academic advisor program, students are made aware of the academic challenges that lie ahead.  Teachers willing to spend time with students outside of class, facilitate the setting of academic goals and the planning to pursue needed goals.  The family atmosphere fostered by both faculty and students results in a learning experience in which ideas can be shared and explored. 

The physical and social development of a Damien student complements his spiritual and intellectual development.  The program offered at Damien has as its core interscholastic sports, physical education classes, and many of the Associated Student Body club activities.  The faculty encourages the students to be involved in these programs that are an important and rewarding aspect of school life.  Through these programs, students have opportunities to improve their physical fitness and motor skills.  They also have opportunities to develop leadership, self-discipline and a sense of good sportsmanship.

Through a wide range of social activities, teachers and students work together to maintain a supportive and Christ-like community spirit in which all enjoy pride in the school.  Damien encourages students to make new friends within the tri-school community (Damien/Pomona Catholic/St. Lucy’s) and learn to appreciate cultural diversity.  Students learn tolerance and self-acceptance.  They also learn to act responsibly and cooperatively.  In all of its endeavors, Damien tries to meet the rightful expectations of students, parents, church, and society.